Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall In {Our Cozied-Up Living Room}

From what I can see, a bunch of you are already starting to dream up your Christmas decor.
Meanwhile, I've just finally accepted that it's fall.

I'm sorry. We do this every year.
I'm always late to the game. It takes me forever to come around.
And once I do, I like it. I don't want to pack it all up again.

It doesn't help that I feel a little sorry for November. And Thanksgiving.
This is the situation I find myself in and it plays out in many ways.

We recently started watching The Voice with Calvin and Ruby (newly obsessed) and I always pick the one no one else picked. The last time we watched, Ruby picked "only people with straight hair", Calvin always picks the person with a more rock-star vibe (and any Asians). Cory always tries to not pick until they're done performing WHICH IS TOTALLY CHEATING.

I pick whoever's left. And then I commit.

My point is, I don't really dig Christmasy things at Thanksgiving.
November is not Winter even if you can see your breath in the morning and there's talk of flurries by the weekend.

My other point is...

...I'm a slow-poke.

I don't set out to redecorate for the seasons, it just happens. Very slowly.
Without warning, I realize I need to groove with the new rhythm.

Also without warning, I write dorky things like "I need to groove with the new rhythm."

Help me.
Help yourselves.

So, while I'm not necessarily an advocate for pulling out all the stops and redecorating every time the air changes, change is meant to be celebrated, right?

It doesn't have to cost a dime.
I dug around in the closets and basement.

I taped a fall-ish photo to the wall and made fine art of the gourd Silas brought me from his field trip.
I "borrowed" some of the weeds from the alley (since we don't have our own trees) and plunked them in a can.

If it's not fun for you to redecorate, then don't.
Know what you like and commit year-round, baby.
You're creative in other ways and your home is every bit as special and comfy and YOU.

But if you're wired like me, go on and bust out the cozies. Play around. Have some fun.

Don't try to make things look like someone else would.
Don't lose all your good sense and try to copy the trends.
For the love of the land, don't go into debt.

For one solid week, I flirted with the urge to buy new pillows. I even risked my soul itself and browsed at Target. Twice.

In the end, I knew it wasn't worth it.
Instead, I used the pillows I already had and grouped them together differently, flipping the too-colorful pillow around to its quieter side, and pretending aqua is autumnal.

(FYI, this is our only "hang out" area in the house, so it stays this clean for exactly 8 minutes, or until the kids get home from school, whichever comes first.)

Nothing in here is "just so" or meant to inspire drooling or applause. What's currently happening on the green entry table is a bit...scattered. My Bible verse sign is hung too high from a nail we used when we had a taller couch.

Oh well.
Make me care.

I was going to switch the Joshua picture to something more colorful, but we've had lots of new friends in and out of the house recently, and I just like it on the wall, right where they'll see it. Can't we all use a reminder to not fear? To be courageous? Don't we all need to remember God sticks to us like glue?

FYI, Cory doesn't like this fabric.
He never complains about anything ever, but he apparently just couldn't let this one go.
"It's boring. It matches with the curtains too much. It blends in with the rug."

He's sort of right on all counts, but IT'S VINTAGE TAPESTRY.
It's woven! In burnished shades of gold and bronze!

It screams FALL!!!

It's staying, Jailchap. Deal with it.

So, this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Remind me, is October really over?
Will it stress you out to remember that all of November still counts as Fall?

Be honest, are you already Christmas scheming?