Thursday, November 13, 2014

Closet Rehab - When Your Clothes are all "Blah" (and an announcement)

I go through phases where I stare blankly at my closet, believing nothing works anymore. I despair. I hate everything. It's all out-of-date. I'm tired of it. I wear the same things all the time, but I don't have the panache of Carolina Herrera to pull off the signature "uniform". (I culled that CH trivia from the fashion-magazine-obsessed recesses of my adolescent brain. Who cares if I got a C in Spanish II, Mom? I WAS BUSY.)

Back in the day, when these moments of  bleak fashion forcasting struck, I would decide it was time to go shopping. Invariably, I'd bring home a few crappy shirts that I didn't even love, and the cycle would begin again.

Since we're 2/3 of the way through the Secondhand Fashion Challenge, I've had to gather my wits and be a big girl. I've *definitely* added a few "new" things to my shelf, but I'm also more committed than ever to making my old stuff work.

Here's what I wore to church a couple Sundays ago.
It's nothing legendary or super-creative. (I'm thinking of you, polarizing man pajama!)

But Everything I wore was, in my mind, old, tired, or in some way less than my favorite.

I know you're thinking, "Back up, FP. You're wearing gingham! How can you expect us to believe you don't love it???"

Truth: I have 2 navy/white gingham shirts. One of them I wear CONSTANTLY. This one is wonky and hardly gets worn. The collar is strange and it bells out at the bottom in all the wrong ways. I've tried to love it. I swear. But it never happened.


I layered it under a very blah, beige sweater that I'm still not sure why I bought in the first place. (Must have been in one of "those" crises - see above.)

I grabbed my vintage (in internet years) Noonday necklace and piled on some bracelets, then pulled on my old Target boots that resemble the neck of an old man or a turkey. I'm not sure which.

I was surprised by how much I liked it all.

Here's what I'm preaching: Its time to renew your vows to the stuff you already own. Love is a choice, people. Love is a VERB. Just ask DC Talk. Or John Mayer.

(Actually, don't ask John. I don't trust that rat.)

Your closet is FULL of things you might buy this very day if you happened upon them in a crowded rack at Goodwill with the intoxicating lyrics of Genesis or Cyndi Lauper pulsing through the grimy store.

Pair them up in a different way. "Make it work!"   
We'll try, Tim. We'll surely try.

Let me know how it goes.

And now, for a "very important newsletter":

Tomorrow at 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) I'll be posting a fresh batch of secondhand outfits. All sizes. REALLY GOOD STUFF. (As in, I feel visceral pain that it's not all for me.)

New rules: You have to leave a PayPal email address with your outfit choice in order to be entered into the drawing to "win" said outfit. I do this because it makes it 1,000,000 times simpler and more organized from my end, but also because I love bossing people around. (Ask Silas.)

Cost per outfit will be $23, including shipping. Each outfit includes 2 pieces (sometimes 3! what?) that can be worn together AND mixed-and-matched with the sleepy, "give me another chance" stuff you already own.

Comments will be open through Saturday morning, so you've got to move it-move it. 

Consider this your fair warning. Tomorrow, friends! It will be such a party. Spread the word to anyone who might be interested. (But only if they wear a different size than you, because you know...)

On the 'morrow!!!,


  1. Hi-larious!! DC Talk-- man that brings back some memories.... And I don't trust that Mayer guy either...haha
    Thanks for doing this again! I can't wait to see what your picks are!!! Going home to rekindle the flame in my closet tonight...! Whoo hoo!

  2. I was so bummed I didn't win the green sweater last month that I went to my Salvation Army and found a similar one. Not as cute, but close. So, to be ready for this round - what do you mean about a PayPal email? I am apparently not savvy enough to know and don't want to be caught unprepared!

  3. okay i love john mayer so i will have to think about forgiving you for that.

  4. I love to shop at Goodwill, but I haven't bought alot of clothes there. I have recently lost some weight and needed new jeans. I am hoping to not stay at this size for long, hoping to go smaller, so I didn't want to invest alot of money on new jeans so I went to Goodwill and found 4 pairs for 7.47 a pair. Old Navy, Levis, Sonoma ... I spent less on 4 pairs there than I would have for 1 new pair. Just something for other dieters out there to think about.

  5. Years ago I made the statement, "Once you've owned a piece of clothing for 10 years, it's time to kiss it goodbye." I've been rethinking that whole mindset.

  6. I have nearly made us late for church for weeks now with this very thing. I have lost some weight which makes every fit differently or not at all and I am so frustrated!!! I used to just get dressed w/o really thinking about it but now I just want to open a window and start flinging stuff out into the yard. Wouldn't that be interesting to have clothing in the tree tops and bushes?

  7. You're so much fun! Honest!! Love that outfit, totally. I've been trying to mix and match, layer new pieces that I wouldn't normally pair together!! Its fun!! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  8. As I am ending my 4th decade I am putting a stop to fashion crises in my closet. I have been known to stand there and say out loud "Enough!!! Just pick something and put it on cause nobody cares!" It helps bring back some sense and off I go! :-)

    LOVE you bag/ chiropractor would love it too since she would get to see me more often if I carried it!

  9. Spot on! I have been fumbling around my closet this week feeling a little bit finicky about my current wardrobe, but I'm so determined to make it work and roll with it, and not to just hop over to TJ Maxx for a look around, because we all know what that will mean ($$$!!!!) And mostly it has something to do with my heart being discontent, because I have perfectly good things staring at my face and I just need to get past my negativity and put a fun outfit together! Looking forward to what you show us tomorrow!

  10. I have always loved that Noonday necklace!

  11. Well you know I'm you're biggest closet rehab fangirl. Cannot wait to see what genius, wonky stuff you wow us with this time! {And btw, yes, I've still got my own thing brewing. I'm just waiting for a big dose of brave to show up.} : )

  12. Score! I have that gingham shirt but never thought to put it *under* something. (I know. I'm challenged.) Thanks!!

  13. OH MY GOSH I am supposed to do a live radio show tomorrow morning - do you think it would be totally unkosher to cancel it so I can virtually shop your closet instead?!?! Ok, so I probably can't do that,which really bums me out, but I just have to say you are the cutest and most stylish person ever and I totally feel like a schlump reading this in my same-old, same-old humdrum outfit today.

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