Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: Cory and I (both introverts) cackled at this like cats in nip.

:: Could this convince me to overcome my fear of the whole bird?

:: Bravo, Jen!

:: SUCH a dreamy home (and always fun to see my friends shine!)

:: Not that I need this parenting advice...

:: The kids' school has some big, exciting things around the bend.

:: I'm on a secondhand hunt for a great plaid scarf.

:: An oldie but SUCH a goodie. I still quote this now and then. It makes me laugh-cry.

:: Fascinating perspective on race and adoption.

:: Really love this print shop.

:: Grabbed this and this from the library today. (Both reader suggestions!)

:: I keep a list here of all the books I read.

:: Give beets a chance.

:: Then reward yourself with this.

:: Hayley told me this $5 concealer is the bomb...I'm a believer.

:: Stellar parenting advice from a dude.

Happy weekend, frans.


  1. This whole chicken recipe is where its at: If you're a crispy skin lover, it will not disappoint!!

  2. Have you every Googled Images Flower Patch Farmgirl? (I'm sure you have...right?!)
    Big mistake for me. I don't know why I even did it, except I am using my sister's laptop and didn't have my quick link to your website on my toolbar (yep. I'm one of those.)
    Just spent the last hour and a half looking through pictures and guest posts and all, kinds of fun.
    It wasn't until I came across some cartoon of a gal painting her house in a bikini that I sat back for a moment to clear my head (and that image that was most definitely not you!) that I realized it was time to dig myself out of the ultimate time sucker...

  3. Don't fear the whole bird!! I used to too - but DON'T! :-)

    1. Oh, and because I find I enjoy the whole second-hand challenge, I did find this re: the scarf.

  4. Sister, Thank you for this cheerful blog post on the gloomy, rainy Saturday! And GRACIAS for the introvert visual! I am a visual learner and a extrovert who doesn't understand introverts, at all. So that was helpful, I will be mindful of your hamster ball next time I see ya! And You don't need a second hand plaid scarf, Noonday has got one right here for ya!

  5. I have read Ruth Reichl,and she has a wonderful fiction piece called Delicious! Thanks for the reminder that I too need to read that Gladwell book. So many good titles, so little time.

    Jolene, she's trying to go a few months buying only thrifted clothes. That's why she can't get the Noonday scarf!

  6. I've read all 3 Ruth Reichl memoirs-- so entertaining! The second is when she's in a food coop in Berkeley and the 3rd as a NY Times food critic-- both great. (and I tried her new novel and didn't like it so much) Happy reading!

  7. Hiss!! Too funny the way the introvert is explained!!! Hahaha! And it's kinda true!
    P.S. I made your salsa recipe (finally after having it pinned for months) and my guys LOVE it. The boy asked what restaurant it was from...Funny I thought the pampered chef mixing bowl it was residing in would have given away the fact it was home made... tsk tsk... Thanks for everything that you share! : ) ♥

  8. Thrift Update: We hit up Goodwill yesterday and there was a grey sleeveless sweater vest my size! Not exactly the same design as the one you found, but very layerable indeed.
    Thanks man for the encouragement!

  9. Thank you so much for the kind mention. I would really LOVE to send you something - is there anything you had your eye on in particular? Just send me an email and let me know what and where to send it! Thank you again!