Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend Cheer-Ups

:: Cory and I (both introverts) cackled at this like cats in nip.

:: Could this convince me to overcome my fear of the whole bird?

:: Bravo, Jen!

:: SUCH a dreamy home (and always fun to see my friends shine!)

:: Not that I need this parenting advice...

:: The kids' school has some big, exciting things around the bend.

:: I'm on a secondhand hunt for a great plaid scarf.

:: An oldie but SUCH a goodie. I still quote this now and then. It makes me laugh-cry.

:: Fascinating perspective on race and adoption.

:: Really love this print shop.

:: Grabbed this and this from the library today. (Both reader suggestions!)

:: I keep a list here of all the books I read.

:: Give beets a chance.

:: Then reward yourself with this.

:: Hayley told me this $5 concealer is the bomb...I'm a believer.

:: Stellar parenting advice from a dude.

Happy weekend, frans.