Monday, October 27, 2014

Secondhand Challenge, Michigan ed.

I'm still so mooney-eyed over our two quiet days in Michigan.

Last night Cory and I were eating bowls of soup at 10:45 pm (duh) trying to figure out how/where we could find the entire series of Seinfeld because it's been too long and we need a new (old) show and I have a crush on Jerry and he has a crush on Elaine and don't even get me started on Kramer.

We didn't have any luck, but sitting there under the granny square afghan, I felt a pinch of the blues. I wanted to be back in that little cabin. I wanted to be traipsing around in the crunchy leaves. I wanted my kids to be on fall break another week. I wanted late nights and no responsibilities.

It felt good to be huddled up.

Alas, the shorties didn't feel my pain.
They woke with the roosters this morning, all keyed up and ready to see their friends. It's supposed to be 77 today, so Calvin snuck in one last "shorts" day.

Calvin and Ruby officially started chess club this morning before school. Ha! I have no idea how to play chess. They don't know either, but they will soon.

As they were getting ready I told Ruby "them", "Remember, you have to listen and pay attention. You're going to learn how to play chess! It'll be fun, but it's not going to be rowdy."

She gave me the funniest look and said, "That's it? That's all we're going to do?"


Since the week is in full swing and I know now's my last chance to preserve my vacay state of mind, I'm sharing a few more key moments from our get-away.

(Make sure to read to the end, because I have some questions for you...)

Earl Grey at a little brunch cafe. I brought my own tea bag. Ha.

We stopped at the BEST junk/antique store ever and both of us took one picture with our cameras before the owner ran out screaming, "No pictures!" I said, "I can't even tag you on Instagram? Because people need to know about your place!" Nope. No way. Uh-uh.

I don't get it, dude.
Art is meant to be shared!

We found a Thai buffet.
WHAT???!!! I'm so obsessed with Thai food.

I posted this pic of my Anniversary '14 souvenir on Instagram and almost tipped the world off its axis. People thought it was some trippy optical illusion, like I had a window cut out of my body. At first I was so confused, but it ended up being one of those times when the power of suggestion proved an untameable beast. Now it's all I can see.



I did a little thrifting. For you.
Cory dutifully dropped me off at 3 different stores and read his book and/or napped in the van while I shopped my brains out.

I found some very good things. (And some great things in plus sizes!)

But I need your input.

The first go-round went pretty well, but here's what I learned.
1) Shipping is more than $6 (It can vary between $6.35-$9)
2) It can take more time than I'm willing to give to categorize and track down winners
3) It can take more time than I'd like to admit to shop for, photograph, and post the outfits
4) Shipping stuff is not my spiritual gift

So, I want to keep doing this. At least another time or two.
But in order to make good use of my time and in order to not lose money, a few things have to change.

I'm thinking $22-$24 per outfit, knowing the outfits (2 items) typically cost between $11-13 and shipping averages $7.

It won't be as much a "cheapest outfit ever" scenario for you guys, but it's still a heck of a deal for a super rad, good quality outfit (always two pieces that can be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe,) delivered to your door.

Do you still dig it?

I'm also going to make the requirement that you include an email address in your comment if you're interested in an outfit, which should make it much simpler to let you know you won and to finish the transaction.

Personal opinions of passion or angst?

I'm all ears.



  1. I still dig it.

    Outfit choice # + name + email = great idea.

    Keep the outfits & great posts coming!

  2. Yes yes! I also volunteer my services to help spreadsheet and ship.

    1. This is the kind of friend you hold on to for EVER.

    2. (sidenote: it didn't work if I didn't click "notify me.") Spreadsheet and shipping services still offered.

  3. I love Africa's Child! I'm from Holland- currently living in Phoenix and I couldn't believe how many more thrift options are available in Holland since I left 7 years ago!

  4. Ha! Your "literally" at the end, nearly every time you write "I'm all ears" cracks me up. Literally, every time. Did you happen to shop for ridiculously pregnant people? Because if not, I'm going to have to live vicariously.

  5. oh my if you love jerry ( and who doesn't?) you need to watch all the online seasons of comedians in cars getting coffee. it is his online series ( each episode is around 15 minutes long) sooooo funny! i am dying for the new ones to start. enjoy!

    1. Yes, LOVE Comedian's in cars! Ps. My husband and I spent 2 months of entertainment money to see Jerry's live stand-up's November 21st. Eek!

  6. Man, use flat rate envelopes! So much cheaper and there is an additional
    Discount for buying your postage online.

    1. Dude, those ARE the rates for flat-rate envelopes.
      $6.35. And anything with a sweater or blazer doesn't fit!

    2. Hey, girl...
      I'm your peep when it comes to the world of online shipping.
      I mean, I know there are a ton of others that could help, too...but I'm totally willing.

      If you print postage online for those flat-rate envelopes, it's only $5.15!!!
      Yes. You save boo-koo bucks doing shipping online.
      Also, if you go to, you can order a bunch of supplies FO' FREE.
      Order LEGAL-SIZE flat rate envelopes. They're the SAME PRICE ($5.15) to ship, but several inches longer.
      I've fit a full/queen sheet SET in one of those puppies before.

      Seriously. Email me if you'd like me to help. I'm yours. Literally ;)

  7. YOU WERE IN MY TOWN! Oh my word. I got my wineglasses at that Goodwill! WHAT. I'm glad you had such a good visit - it is practically perfect here this time of year. Let's not talk about mid-January though, okay?

    Also, I have sets of Seinfeld DVDs just sitting all lonely in the closet. You should have called. ;)

  8. sounds great! :)
    you are like oh, what is that fashion service called where they send you outfits each month & you try on then send back what you don't want...?
    warning RABBIT TRAIL: in Meika's comment above she mentions wine glasses & that reminded me of this episode when I was student teaching... local elem. school hosts toy drive for community Christmas event. ok, good. teachers & student teachers sift through items for dangerous or inappropriate donations... teacher receives frantic phone call from a mother... "did you find our naked lady tumblers?!?" (WHAT??) OUR NAKED LADY GLASSES! WE NEED THOSE BACK. TEACHER: I'm sorry , I'm not sure what you're asking for... MOM: there are 4 glasses that have a lady on each one, when you put ice in them, the cold causes the clothes to disappear... we want those back, and I think my kindergartner put them in your Christmas donation box. Well, we did not find her tumblers, and unfortunately the student was in a bit of trouble over losing the tumblers... mystery never solved. dad is mad. the end.

    1. Gotta love a rabbit trail that ends with NAKED LADY TUMBLERS!
      Teachers have the best stories ever!

  9. I still think it's a great idea - still in! And I would definitely require an email addy in the comments - or no win.

    You are so fun! xo

  10. It's so genius. This whole thing is so much fun- I bet we would buy them at $50!

  11. I love your shopping, so keep it up! I also need some stylin' advice on a thrift purchase that I love but I'm not sure loves me back. Maybe you should do a segment where you make our purchases work. Or you just post them as a "when thrifting doesn't work / what not to wear."

  12. I surely thought the Instagram fury was going to have something to do with your please-let-them-be-photoshopped thighs. :) work it girl.

  13. I am IN! Seriously, I tried to find outfits at Goodwill. I bought 2 shirts and 3 plaid scarves but none of it made an outfit. You have talent!!

  14. Sounds like a plan!

  15. In! Still kicking myself for not throwing down for the brown moto!
    I was in Michigan a few weekends ago, and I swear that your art souvenir almost went home with me. Also that "Junque" shot looks familiar!

  16. Absolutely still dig it. I didn't get anything last time but it is still an awesome idea and I loved following along and stealing your styling ideas...!! I'm no help on the shipping front though... I have my own cross to bear on miscalculating shipping every.single.time!

  17. Hubby and I were at a cabin in Virginia around the time of your getaway. I am still waking up and wishing I was there so I get it.

  18. OK. Am I too late? I am always too late, that's how I roll. But, if there's still time and space for you to thrift for me, girlfriend, I am IN! You know where to find me, right?

  19. I am in, having someone else match an outfit, shop, and ship it to it. And I missed out on first round. Could you give some notice before you post outfits for sale? And do you offer private thrifting service? I'm serious on the last question.

  20. Save money. Shop. Take pictures. Share pictures. Give ideas.

  21. Yep, still a go. Postage is a fact of life; sorry if you lost money on that. :-( I'm just so bummed that your posts aren't showing up in my inbox regularly. I was totally late to the party last time (and probably will be again). Double :-( :-(