Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Someone contacted me on Twitter yesterday to see if I would be willing to share about the ReMoved project - a short film about foster care.

Though I didn't know this person at all, foster care is close to my heart, and moving closer by the day. What was once hazy and impersonal is now a regular part of the conversation in our context, as some of the people we love most spent time in foster care as children. Similarly, heartbreakingly, some of them have also had their own children taken into foster care.

We hope we've seen the end of this in our personal circle, but it seems unlikely, most days.

The cycle of generational poverty and family fracture is just outside our window. We keep seeing the way one slip-up with a job, finances, or simply inviting the wrong people into one's life can bring down the house in one catastrophic swoop.

This need is real. It is urgent.

Maybe you'll one day be a foster parent. Maybe we'll do the same.

But right now - today - you can help spread the word about this important film. Perhaps you can even throw some financial support behind the sequel. Go to the ReMoved Kickstarter page for more information.

We have so much to learn.

Sit down and pay attention to ReMoved. It's only 12 minutes long. Cory and I watched it in bed last night and it broke me with its raw honesty. It also shimmered of hope.

Thank you, friends, for caring about important things along with me.

Part I:

Trailer for Part II:
(This has to be fully funded on Kickstarter in the next 5 days for production to continue.)


  1. foster care is close to my heart too.

    thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Thank you for sharing the video! We are bio/fost-adopt/foster parents and every child deserves love and people who will walk their journey with them!

  3. I just backed them. Thanks for sharing about them again.

  4. My husband and I are nervous and excited as we are mid-way through our foster care application!
    Also, another great movie about kids who need adults in the lives: http://thecampmovie.com or "Camp" on Netflix.
    Produced by Jacob Roebuck, who volunteers for this camp (Royal Family Kids Camp) in real life and has donated a ton of the proceeds to it.

  5. This summer I began the process of adoption through the foster care system and we watched this video in one of our training classes...really puts a lot of things into perspective. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you SO much. I'm so moved and grateful that you posted this.

  7. I've always been so interested in fostering , but so afraid at the same time. Selfish and ungodly.... I know. I've always feared of the impact on our own children in the home and shied away from fostering. Thank you for sharing this video. I'm hoping it will bring some welcomed perspective.

    1. Amy, your concerns are SO understandable! I'm not at all trying to tell you what the right decision for your family is, but I think you would be encouraged by a blog I recently found! This girl writes about her parents' decision to foster kiddos while she was growing up, and what it taught her. She writes beautifully about loving and letting go, and learning to grieve, serve, and show grace at such an early age. I loved reading the older sister's perspective.


  8. Oh Shannan....thanks for passing this along. This is the most beautiful film and story. I have no words. The power of story, which is my heart, is why this film evokes such raw emotion....I am sharing with others. Brilliant.

  9. As an adoptive foster parent, I can say that this is a true depiction of the suffering of these children. They do come with their few things packed in garbage bags. Thrown away is the message that is sent and received. Their future does not have to be as bleak as their past. Thanks for sharing.

  10. i finally sat down to watch this today. i've had foster care on my heart for years, but it has never "worked" with our home situation. a few months ago, i had this idea to sew tote bags and fill them with a stuffed animal, fleece blanket, and a toiletry kit. i wanted kids to receive these when they were being removed. i wanted them to know that someone cared about them. someone they didn't know. someone believed in them. when i got to the part of the video where she leaves with the garbage bag i came undone. absolutely undone.