Friday, October 24, 2014

Peculiar Fall

Cory and Calvin are maniacs for Fall.
Like all the rest of you weirdos.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the changing of the seasons. I love the rhythm of a 4-season climate, at least in theory. When autumn falls, we live differently, dress differently, cook and eat differently. Sounds poetic, right?

The main problem is, I don't like being cold. I don't even like being chilly.
I'm the girl who loves climbing inside a car that's been baking in the sun on a summer day. That stifling rush of heat feels so good. (That same heat could make my grown man want to cry...)

While I'll always be more of a summer girl, I'm really jiving with fall this year.

Makes no sense to me.

I'm noticing its beauty in a new kind of way.
I don't feel quite as rageful toward the dipping temps.

It has inspired me, and not just to buy pumpkin spice english muffins.
I'm talking full-on inspiration. LOOK OUT.

Last week, I caught the light spilling through our tiny window, all hazy and dreamy.
I'm so glad I grabbed the camera, framing up our messy coats into a moment of gratitude.

A few days later, I found my old ginkgo garland and strung it up.
And you know how these things go...if you give a mouse a gingko garland, she'll decide to tidy up and take a few more pictures. It's bound to happen, from time to time.

(Hallelujah, sometimes I do crave order! I haven't fully lost myself!)

Sidenote: That arrow, peeking around the corner.
It makes me happy.

I found it last year at the Salvation Army in Van Wert, OH, looking all dusty and ashamed.
It was probably $2.

Of course I wasn't looking for a wooden, house-shaped shadowbox thingy.
But I grabbed it up, turned it sideways and said to myself, BOOM.

Then I brought it home and forgot about it for 5 months.
Then, we had our polar vortex and spent days upon weeks indoors.

Sometime in February, I dug it out and made it into this.

In a perfect world, I would paint those "bulbs" gold. And maybe space them out differently.
But who the heck wants to live in a perfect world???

I thought I had invented this idea, but soon after my epiphany, one of the decorating mags showed a similar outcome using those cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby.

Then this savvy lady pulled off a super rad arrow using a dorky bird house.

All the arrows! All the time!
Redemption to the wooden crafts of the early '90s!

All of that to say, Fall, you're growing on me.


Letter M - Allegan flea market
Coat rack - Goodyear belt display, via Borkholder Dutch Village flea market
Black trunk - rando flea market in MI
Wire basket - a gift from a friend (probably via a flea market?)
Wall art - MSU Surplus Store
Woman-with-soccer-ball-hair bag - Gift from my Sis (via somewhere in Africa)
Striped bag - Noonday
B&W scarf - fashionABLE
Ginkgo leaves - via the sidewalk of an unexpected neighbor 


  1. I love the new look that appeared while I was travelling overseas....AND I LOVE the clear crisp blue of a fall sky! May you find lots more inspiration around you today!!!!

  2. I haven't read yet, Just scanned the new look. Part of me misses the old, familiar look that made me smile each time I saw it. But, that isn't to saw that I don't like this one. It's just the same girl wearing a slightly different look. Still the same glint in her eye though. :) Whatever she wears, your blog brings me calm and peace...which is strange because so many of the ideas you raise make me wrestle with who I am and with who God is making me every day to be. But, that wrestling seems so...right. That your words still bring peace. I guess because you give a vision of His home. And, my heart knows it.

    1. At first I thought you were referring to the new "look" of my entry way. I thought, wow...she's really invested in our coat hooks. HA! xo

  3. THIS and the salsa love may be why we're friends. Finally someone who understands perpetually being cold. And, getting into a car warmed by the sun - best feeling EVER. Love the new look. xxoo

  4. I love the new look! It reminds me of your gorgeous artwork on tin foil. Do your kids approve of the flowers?! =)

    1. Ha! Yes. They're fine with flowers, as long as I'm not the one who painted. them. ;)

  5. Even though I LOVE fall, I too am the weirdo who loves getting in a hot car. My family is always yelling if they are with me to roll the windows down or turn on the air and I always reply, "NO, let it seep into my bones first!!" Never knew anyone else who liked it too. Great hallway display, thanks for sharing.

    1. Seep into my bones! YES!
      We are two snakes, baking on a hot rock. :)

  6. LOVE the new look! It reminds me of a vintage coffee mug you might score on a really lucky day at the thrift store. Gorgeous.

  7. Van Wert?! So close to home. Another great reason to frequent thrift shops: you just may run into Shannan, who will tell you all the crafty things that you can do with wooden crafts of the 90's.

    1. I pass through VW everytime I go to Ohio...which is pretty often!
      That Mexican restaurant right on 2nd fave salsa in the world!

    2. my family frequents that place often! it does have some good eats.

  8. Someone shared your blog with me a few days ago. I've really enjoyed catching upon some old posts and also stalking you on all forms of Social Media ;) I really like the new look!

    1. Hey! Hi!
      So glad you introduced yourself.
      Thanks for the sweet words!

  9. Great makeover of the arrow. Loving your new spiffy watercolor header! Happy weekend : )

  10. new blog header! LOVE it!!! if you say you painted it yourself, i may have to scratch you.
    i haven't an artistic bone in my body. not one.

    also, wondering how your outfit post panned out.
    we need an update.
    did you get feedback from those who bought the outfits?
    seriously. a follow-up post would be so fab.

    you're awesome. xo

    1. Oh, do I ever have updates. :)
      And no, I didn't paint the header. It's all Danielle!

  11. this new design... unreal. just perfect. that danielle!

  12. I'm so in love with that gingko garland!! Gingko trees are my very favorite and we're surrounded by them. I'm going to make one tomorrow.

    1. We pressed the leaves in a book for a week or so to make sure they stayed preserved. These are from 2 years ago and still look awesome!

  13. I'm feeling you on fall this year (summer forever!) but don't you think it is because we are having an unseasonably warm fall? It's gonna be 69 today in chi-town! Give me this kinda fall every year.

    1. That might be part of it. :)
      Hopefully this "warm" weather extends into... the months which shant be spoken of?

  14. You're so smart! And so re-purpose-y! I LOVE it! What are those bulbs made of? I can't quite tell - are they buttons? I want to a copy you!