Friday, October 24, 2014

Peculiar Fall

Cory and Calvin are maniacs for Fall.
Like all the rest of you weirdos.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the changing of the seasons. I love the rhythm of a 4-season climate, at least in theory. When autumn falls, we live differently, dress differently, cook and eat differently. Sounds poetic, right?

The main problem is, I don't like being cold. I don't even like being chilly.
I'm the girl who loves climbing inside a car that's been baking in the sun on a summer day. That stifling rush of heat feels so good. (That same heat could make my grown man want to cry...)

While I'll always be more of a summer girl, I'm really jiving with fall this year.

Makes no sense to me.

I'm noticing its beauty in a new kind of way.
I don't feel quite as rageful toward the dipping temps.

It has inspired me, and not just to buy pumpkin spice english muffins.
I'm talking full-on inspiration. LOOK OUT.

Last week, I caught the light spilling through our tiny window, all hazy and dreamy.
I'm so glad I grabbed the camera, framing up our messy coats into a moment of gratitude.

A few days later, I found my old ginkgo garland and strung it up.
And you know how these things go...if you give a mouse a gingko garland, she'll decide to tidy up and take a few more pictures. It's bound to happen, from time to time.

(Hallelujah, sometimes I do crave order! I haven't fully lost myself!)

Sidenote: That arrow, peeking around the corner.
It makes me happy.

I found it last year at the Salvation Army in Van Wert, OH, looking all dusty and ashamed.
It was probably $2.

Of course I wasn't looking for a wooden, house-shaped shadowbox thingy.
But I grabbed it up, turned it sideways and said to myself, BOOM.

Then I brought it home and forgot about it for 5 months.
Then, we had our polar vortex and spent days upon weeks indoors.

Sometime in February, I dug it out and made it into this.

In a perfect world, I would paint those "bulbs" gold. And maybe space them out differently.
But who the heck wants to live in a perfect world???

I thought I had invented this idea, but soon after my epiphany, one of the decorating mags showed a similar outcome using those cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby.

Then this savvy lady pulled off a super rad arrow using a dorky bird house.

All the arrows! All the time!
Redemption to the wooden crafts of the early '90s!

All of that to say, Fall, you're growing on me.


Letter M - Allegan flea market
Coat rack - Goodyear belt display, via Borkholder Dutch Village flea market
Black trunk - rando flea market in MI
Wire basket - a gift from a friend (probably via a flea market?)
Wall art - MSU Surplus Store
Woman-with-soccer-ball-hair bag - Gift from my Sis (via somewhere in Africa)
Striped bag - Noonday
B&W scarf - fashionABLE
Ginkgo leaves - via the sidewalk of an unexpected neighbor