Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My (Second) Favorite Lunch

I'm having a bit of an internal culinary struggle when it comes to lunch.
It comes in waves.

I used to blame the kids, and I don't even know why.
Because they're short? Sweaty? They like to tie all their toys together? (don't ask)

Doesn't seem fair.

All I know is, they go to school.
I'm here every day for lunch. Solo.

And all I want is Taco Bell.

If you think this is your chance to rage on TB, I suggest you reconsider.
Not even playing.

I love their menu.
Love the squirt-tube of sour cream.
Love the fountain Pepsi. (Though I usually have water because I'm a stinking health nut.)
And the new tostada thing with nacho cheese.

I don't eat there every day. Not even close.
Maybe once a week.

But it often crosses my mind.
Except on Wednesdays, when dollar tacos from San Marcos cross my mind...
And Fridays, when I get all "TGIF!" and want Hacienda.

I almost always talk myself down from the ledge, but by the time I've come to, I don't even have time for Plan B and lunch is a complete wash. 

Oh my gosh, I get so sidetracked about tacos.

Have you wondered what my days are like with all the kids in school?
Wonder no more.

I'm trying to be committed to eating normal person food.
Free food.
On a normal person schedule.

Maybe I am capable of normaldom.
Maybe this is the key.

It seems like it could be, since I had it three days running last week.

Toasted english muffin, whipped cream cheese, chopped basil, sliced tomato, basil salt, coarse pepper.

And I'm sorry, but I couldn't be bothered to sweep the crumbs off the plate before photographing this juicy beauty. Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.

Actually, I'ma need that quarter back.
3 more and I could make a run for the Border...

I think you should try my open-faced tomato basil sandwich of freshness, at least on the days you aren't scarfing chips and salsa at the island. Or downing a bean burrito with three packets of Hot sauce. (cough cough)

What's your favorite normal person lunch food?
What's your guiltiest lunch pleasure?

Don't leave me here alone, people.

Just don't.

** This post is not sponsored by Taco Bell. BUT OH MY GOSH HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?????