Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You've Got the Mic

Remember my staunch and steadfast committment to not only showing "pretty" shots of myself?
Well, it's September, and this is me.
You're welcome.

This is me, one month ago, trying to peacefully read in the glider next to the wood-burning stove of my childhood home. This is me, trying to carve out FIVE MINUTES of quiet time after a whirlwind road trip to visit a new doc for Calvin in Philadelphia. (More on that later this week.)

This is me, with my flat hair, crooked necklace, wonky neckline, poor posture, fake smile, crows' feet, and my crooked tooth that keeps getting crookeder.

Sidenote: Yesterday I had a real a visceral fear that adult braces are in my future. Sometimes my teeth clang together badly on the right side, I'm sorry to say. And then I remembered my receding gums and saw that terrifying gum surgery in my future. And then I knew for sure the dentist would tell me I needed to just say goodbye to my teeth and my gums and order up some dentures. "There's nothing more we can do for you." And I wondered what it would be like to be 40 with a full plate.

But back to us.

I've been thinking about us lately, and remembering how some of us are old friends and some of us are new friends and many of you, I've never even heard of.

Hi, guys. I'm Shannan.
I'm glad you're here and if I could, I'd pour you a cup of piping hot Earl Grey but be warned, I spilled piping hot Earl Grey all across my front last Spring and I'll never say another ill word about the lady who sued McDonalds. Ever. Mine eyes have seen the gory of the spilling of the tea. It shan't be joked about.

But back to us.

I don't know for sure why you keep coming back here, especially in light of my propensities to lapse into Olde English without warning and overshare, but in my defense, at least I didn't tell you where I spilled the tea.

I do way too much an awful lot of talking around here. But who knows, maybe there's still something you've always wondered or wanted to ask me.

Is there?

Today is your chance.

If you have a burning question or an idea on what you'd like me to write about more down the road, hit me. If it's about paint colors, there's a 79% chance that I don't have the answer for you, because despite my best efforts to regain my position as a Type A lady, I'm regrettably Type G, and falling.

You never know.

I'll answer some questions in the comments and others may spark future posts.
Later this week, I'm hoping to say a bit more about the Secondhand Wardrobe Challenge. I'm stunned by how many of you want to join me. Stunned and crazy-thrilled. So let's organize, shall we?

Happy Tuesday, Homies.

I sure do like you.

ps - This idea came from my lady-pal Ashley, from The Handmade Home. Thanks for the nudge to open up the mic, Ash!