Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend Cheer

::  Silas had the gall to turn six yesterday. We celebrated with CiCi's Pizza (his choice), cake mix birthday cake (this year I fancied it up a little) and company. Silas's gift from us was a portable cd player "boom box" (haha) and he is officially a DJ in the making. He hosted a rave (not his first) in the toy-room last night with the neighbor kids, complete with strobe lighting and party beats. When I last checked in, the dew point was well into the 80's and it smelled distinctly like a locker room.

:: I keep forcing people to watch this with me so I can laugh again.

:: Danielle's kitchen remodel will blow you straight away.

:: When Meg does a Pinterest round-up, I immediately repin EVERYTHING. This one is soups.

:: I finally read this book. And ugly-cried in my woeful airplane seat. 

:: This little gem of a vid by my friend Chuck is exactly how I feel about community and food.

:: Speaking of which, I'm making this for our annual community garden party tomorrow.

:: The Myth of Effortless by Erin at Design for Mankind. "How do we encourage effort in a culture where effortless is the goal?" I mean, seriously.

:: I like how this mom mothers and I love the poem she shared.

:: I read some foodie blogs. This cracked me way up.

:: This happy art makes me feel alive.

:: Here's an interesting perspective on what the Bible says about alcohol.

:: I discovered a fun, new, small-living blog.

:: We're perfecting the art of low-key weeknights. This article speaks to my mama heart.

:: Listening to this interview with David Platt and Katie Davis will turn your heart.

:: Are you a new mom? You might love this.

Happy Weekending!

PS - THIS from the archives. I just found it again. That kid!