Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekend Cheer-Ups

Last weekend's list was so much fun, I'm doing it again.
But don't go thinking this is a new "thing", because history has proven I'm no good with "things".

All I know is, I could use a bit of cheer. Always. Every weekend.
I'm guessing you could, too.

::  This makes me want to hug all the teenagers. And kick them in the shins.

:: Stream this on Nexflix if you like food and love people.

:: I have a lot of soulmates, but this lady is one of them. She just doesn't know it yet.

:: This wedding seemed surprisingly sweet.

:: Sharing the freedom found in Christ with people in chains. (New website up and running today!)

::  Don't hate me because I was born in the '70s. 

:: I watched this with Calvin. (Some of his stuff is a bit "adult" for young kids. Just fyi.)

:: Chairs are officially always funny. Always.

:: I'm loving this look. {And it could easily be pulled off secondhand!}

:: But not everyone is buying secondhand and I'd like to live vicariously through you. (Seriously, cutest stuff they've ever put out. Ruby even commented on the catalog that showed up and she's never done that before.)

:: Dying to make a pot of this.

:: (in)ourage turned 5 this week! They're giving away a free e-book filled with some of their popular posts (one of which is by Yours Truly.)

:: I used to hate my brown eyes but I don't anymore. I'll tell you why.

Happy Weekending, Dears!


  1. The high school analogies...! I've had that movie in my Netflix cue, along with what feels like 20 million others. I needed advice on what to watch! ;) And the Elkhart jail website. God is moving!

  2. Thanks for providing the Jail Ministry link. I need lots of guidance in this area. Someone who I once rocked as a baby 20 years ago and is two time zones away reached out to me about a month ago (his father passed when he was in H.S. and his mother passed unexpectedly from an aneurysm last summer) - he's in jail, he's burned all his bridges behind him - even the one to his grandmother's house. "Lord, help me say the right things in my letters to let him know that You haven't given up on him."

  3. Our oldest daughter always wanted to be tall and have straight blonde hair but God made her short with curly brown hair and brown eyes because He would call her to work in China twice already in her 31 years. Right now she and her family are home in the US but her heart is with the Chinese people and I know she will go back when God opens the door for them.

  4. Even though it is about 90 degrees here today I will be pinning the soup recipe because it will eventually cool down - it will cool down right?! I am a child of the 70's and my mom used to sew matching outfits for my sister and I (and we are 8 years apart so imagine the horror!). Blessings on the new web site and prayers for many more lives changed.

  5. That soup - my MIL makes if often (and shares with me!).
    Who knew Lecrae was so tall?! Not me.
    Coming from a fellow brown haired, brown eyed girl....I get it. I love the post that you shared.New perspective....

  6. i just wrote you an email, but i can't find your email address it top secret?? :)


  8. I loved reading the jail ministry testimonies! The website looks great!

  9. Oh my goodness! I just fell down the rabbit hole that is Catalog Living. Love these weekend cheer-ups!

  10. I love all of this.

    But your husband's ministry page-that took the cake. I couldn't not read the stories, and then say yes and amen to what God is doing there. That's good stuff!

  11. I'm so in love with Kendra and the sugar box and the podcast!!!

    1. Right??! I knew you'd love it.
      We are all soul mates.