Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh, Yes, I Did (A Secondhand Challenge Update)

Remember when I casually threw out the idea to only buy secondhand clothing for 6 months?
Well, that was two months ago.

Good news: We're 2 months down!
Bad news: I'm terrible about updating and keeping a routine and maintaining enthusiasm and all related skill-sets. Which means you probably forgot about the whole thing 1.5 months ago.

To make it up to you, I have a surprise.

But because I don't want you to get too spoiled by my intermittent on-top-of-it-ness, I'm making you wait another day. Or two.

But to make that up to you, I'm showing you one of my most outrageous secondhand purchases TO DATE.

I bought an old man's pajama shirt.
For fifty cents.

And then I wore it like it was a thing.

Confession: I'd been eyeing this bad boy old fart for a month or so. But was too skittish to fork over $4. When I stumbled upon the Blue Tag 50-cent sale, I had no choice. No choice at all.

I went out around the town in this get-up.
It felt...a tiny bit scandalous.
I think a Mennonite girl gave me a bad look...IN GOODWILL OF ALL PLACES.

I paired it with The Most Versatile Necklace In the Universe from 31 Bits, my gray tank that covers my bum, my banged-up crops, and the boots I bought back in July when I was in Arkansas.

(Boot details: They're from and I snapped 'em up because 1) I had a gift-card and 2) I got a sweet discount and 3) shopping with friends has that effect.)

Ohmyword I feel like I could segue right into such a boss of a lecture right now, but I'll wait...*

If memory serves me, the boots are the last thing I bought new.
Which means I'm technically 3 months down, suckas!!!!
But now I'm just bragging and alienating everyone.

Fine, fine. Still just two months.
Settle down.

Farmgirl Paints cuff

I dunno.
It always feels right to crop my head off at least one of the shots.

Also, I never, ever, ever, ever, ever know what to do with my arms in these pictures. Ever.
You would think I'd have matured from "hands on hips".


We walked to church that night for dinner (that happens on Wednesdays) and I stood by one of the walls while Cory took some pics.

(I'm realizing in this moment that this was the day I started to put make-up on and then stopped half-way through. I do that a lot. I also stop 1/10 of the way through sometimes.)

Cory scowled at this shot and said, "Nope. This looks totally staged."
To which I replied, "I'm wearing geezer pajamas and posing in them in front of our neighborhood church in broad daylight."

So, the secret's out: I'm not really walking in this picture. It's totally staged.

I won't even pretend this picture taking thing is weird anymore.

I mean, it's a little weird.
But you already know how I feel about outfit pics.
I dig 'em.

I just wanted to remind you that buying secondhand is the perfect opportunity to dress outside the box. And I don't mean that in a, "Skip the fitting room and act European" sort of way.

But look at things twice. Have some fun.
Would I ever have bought this shirt at Target or Old Navy? Heck no.
I wouldn't even buy it for $4, remember?

I know most people won't be clamoring for a pajama shirt. I know you might not "get" this one. It's okay! I liked it, it's soft, and it cost me two quarters. 

When the price is right, take a leap. Try something new.
Work it.
Own it.
Act like it's a thing and people will assume you know what you're doing. (Except for that one Mennonite girl. And maybe you.)

I hope some of you'ns are still with me.
It'd feel chilly and sad on my own.

And to my "unnamed friend" who confessed a recent Target transgression, there is grace and mercy here, dear sister. Lap it up. Swim in its sea. Don't even think about acting like this means you're benched. You can check out any time you like BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE.

At least not for four more months.

*Which reminds me of my earlier-postponed lecture: Don't go to normal stores right now. Just don't. You're asking for trouble, lady. I waltzed into Target today and was alllllmost lured over to some intriguing jackets, but I turned on my heel and marched to the other end of the store. No looking back. Last month, some friends and I had time to kill and they suggested TJ Maxx. I turned them down cold. It's just too painful, that's all. We can't be expected to stay strong in the face of Mossimo.

Lecture over.
(Be honest, does these pajamas make me look bossy???)

Talk soon.
Much love.

ps - I'm planning a mid-point link-up. Stay tuned. And please don't feel like you have to take a certain kind of picture to play along. Use your phone. Take a selfie. Enlist a kid. Crop off your head like I do. Take a picture of a stack of finds on your table. Do what you want. I'm just nosy and nothing geeks me out lately like a secondhand steal.
pss - That was not a subtle endorsement to steal from a secondhand store.
psss - Don't forget, big secondhand surprise coming...soon? (who can know for sure???)