Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Sure It's Fine

Sometimes my kids act like wild, rabid animals with each other.
They're mean and nasty. Stubborn. Selfish. Fighty. (And then there's me...)

Just this morning, Silas screamed, "You're a LOSER!" at Calvin.

Calvin lapses into the habit of annoying people just for the sake of being annoying.
Ruby can be a hitter.

I mean, I don't love it.

It's a battle around here, lots of days. We're trying hard to learn to use our words well, but it often feels like digging ditches, bending steel, baking a cake with no eggs or flour. It's taxing. Impossibly wearing. Maybe a little futile.

But some days it gets quiet - in a good way.
And I know they're conspiring.

It's almost never good (so to speak.)

So I let them go.
And they become a little more like friends and a little less like sworn enemies.

{The Super}

I ignore them as long as I can, with one ear trained to where the action is LIVE and in full color.

Then I grab my camera, because I don't want to miss this.
I don't want to forget, and I don't want them to, either.

I want them to see me laughing and know I'm a big fan of being wild together.

I want them to dream up crazy schemes that probably won't end well...
...but I want them to figure it all out together.

This is some of the best magic of motherhood. It's not the parts where we schedule out the moments and everyone's faces are shiny-clean.

It's this. Right here.

This is a day for kissing life on the forehead.

PS - Ruby has a small battle wound from said adventuring. It did not end well. But you'll have that.


  1. I was thinking, 'Ruby take off the socks. You are going to slip when you land!' I guess she did? Mommy of five grown ones and I have seen these fun things and been glad, too.

    1. Ha!! All I know is she fell and hurt her bottom. :) There's a small battle wound.
      And there were LOTS of tears.
      But the adventure seems to have been worth it!
      ps- I forgot to mention the trampoline at the other end of the reading couch... :)

  2. The battle wounds are worth the memories sometimes. :)

  3. Today of all days, I needed to read this.

  4. And the creepy whited-out picture in the middle of all of this is...? :) I Love it!

    1. Right?! Who knows. It was a happy accident.
      Thank you for getting me.

    2. i see a ghost child with martian's smiling so i guess it's a good thing!!

    3. I feel you laughing with joy--jiggle,jiggle. Love this post!

  5. Oh, if only some of us could say "yes!" more often...

    {{working on that}}

  6. LOVE the times my three littles get crazy and imaginative and brave together. definitely a moment for kissing life on the forehead :)

  7. I can't believe how Calvin is thinning down and getting taller. He looks like a handsome little man. Ruby is getting taller too, she is just so cute. Silas still is a little darling. Good for you letting them have fun. So glad that you got in pics. You are such a fun mom. So glad that Calvin had a good check up.

  8. What a happy Friday post to read tonight. Trying to remember to say yes more here.

  9. that sounds much like a scene from my home on some days

  10. I have a Ruby too…who also likes to hit. So when I read your line "Ruby can be a hitter." I laughed out loud. Yes. She. Can.

    I love the phrase: "This is a day for kissing life on the forehead."

  11. That's how our kiddos are too…mean and ugly one minute, best friends the next! I just wish their crazy ideas somehow included cleaning up after the FUN!!

  12. As a mom on the "other side" (mine are grown and starting their own families), I just want to tell you that you're doing a beautiful job. Just in case you needed someone to tell you that. :-)

  13. I love this post so much. I needed to read this today and remember that sometimes saying YES is more important than anything else.

  14. I did this when my kids were little and I still do it today with my young adults. Totally worth it!

  15. This hit me right where I am today- my two boys have been combatant with each other since number two was born. Like in, from the moment my oldest was introduced to his brother moments after said brother was born, he literally spent a week pretending that baby DID NOT exist. At two years old. Kid wouldn't even lock eyes on him . . . BUT,
    fast forward to today- younger is 12 and a half, older is weeks from 15 and they not only walk to school together, but eat lunch together as well. REaLLY? I'm still in awe . . . true, they still physically and verbally bash each other, but just yesterday when I was trying to get info. out of my younger son as to the name of the girl my older son is "in love with", he totally sided with his brother and wouldn't give me even the slightest hint. And as much as I am DYING to know who this girl is, I'm even more pleased that they are 'together' on this one. :)