Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Cheer-Up List

Lots of little cheery things happened today, but one in particular thing rocked my world.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a son who knows his way around brown-girl hair. Your love for me has never been more evident. Thank you also, I guess, that said son desperately needs cash this week.* Bonus points for moving in his spirit in such a way that he actually let me feed him something other than mayonnaise or chocolate. Amen.

Since we're already here being cheery, I gathered up some more Cheer, list form. 'Cause I love yas.

:: I love all of her lists, all the Fridays. (Thanks, inspiration!)

:: This is the most satisfying movie I've seen in a very long time.

:: The only thing that would have made it better is this snack oh my word.

:: Also, if I'd been wearing this.

:: I read this to Cory in bed one night. In its entirety. We laughed our heads off so bad.

:: Oh, Anthro. You're so weird in a bad way. (Skip the top if you get mad about bad words. Also, the very end. Everything else will make you pee your pants laughing. Wait, just found one right smack dab in the middle. Maybe if this sort of thing really troubles you, just skip it.)

:: Oh my Josh, just STOP. (Bill Cosby, you read my mind.)

:: I want to vacation here.

:: This song will never get old. Ever. In any form.

:: Just give the kid a dang pencil

:: I'm dying over this art. 

:: Jail + College = Radness.

:: I don't have a freckled girl, but we did just read Freckle Juice.

Happy holiday weekending, Party People!

*It's only fair to point out that he offered to do it for free. :)


  1. Fun list :) I pinned that t-shirt to my daughter's board (even though I have days when I could totally wear it myself...) Great art. Happy weekend!

  2. Philomena- watched it last night!!!! Rich, girl. Broke my heart in all the good ways.

  3. THANK YOU for allowing Bill to read your mind. ;) For 20 painful seconds I though I might have to quit reading you.

    1. Ha!!! I added that BC line at the last send when I realized people might be confused... :)

    2. Just so ya know I'd have been shocked had you agreed. Shocked and heartbroken. Thanks for not letting a gal down. :)

    3. Agreed with Mrs. O I mean.

    4. Serioooouuuuussssly!! Bill Cosby for the win!

  4. I wish you could see how hard I'm laughing at the Anthro blog. Like, tears and snorts. Thanks for sharing! Also #iloveagooduseofabadword

  5. Just so you know, this is A LOT OF PRESSURE to comment on all the things. I will probably fail you. I am human, after all. Let's just say that chair article made my year. (And I reaaaallly wanted to throw in a cuss word before year. So you can read it that way if you want.) Can we re-read it the next time we're together?
    And more crying-laughing with the Anthro one. Spot on.
    I like the pencil article. Grace. Give them grace. And then pile some more grace on top of that. Trying to figure out where this needs to play into my parenting more. My oldest son sneaks stuff and lies a lot. I need to talk to you about that.
    I've always envied girls with freckles. The end.

  6. your lists are the best lists. keep 'em coming. xo.

  7. That anthro post is one of the funniest I've read as of late. Good weekend cheer.

  8. Thanks for the awesome links! Oh, my sides hurt from laughing. (At the funny links. I wasn't laughing at the non-funny links. Just FYI). Hee hee.

  9. The anthro post. Just. so. darn. funny! The tent at the end, bahaha! Laughing so hard from these links and just so thankful for your voice out here on the internet.

  10. Ummm, that Anthro post ? Best ever.

  11. That Hosanna song is one of my faves. When I sit at my piano and play and sing( not well, mind you) I play the bridge part over and over again.
    I showed The Hubs the Osteen/Cosby clip and before it got to Bill, he kept saying, "What?!" angrily every three seconds --wondering why I made him watch it. :)
    Also - I read about 2/3 of Philomena and couldn't finish. Should I give the movie a chance?

  12. LOVED that Anthro post...hilarious! Lots here that made me smile + I made your refrigerator pickles last week and brought them to a Labor Day soirée today and they were gone in seconds. People were eating them like candy. SO good!

  13. Oh that photo is the cutest! And that Anthro post - so funny and exactly what I think every time I go to the site or look at the catalog. Glad I'm not the only one!

  14. oh the hair love! i am teary-eyed and giggling over the hair-do-session! i'll read your post links later. i just want to dwell on the photo.
    ps ruby looks grown up with the 'do' :) :(

  15. I just have to say you're my favorite blogger around. The anthro furniture link was real laughter inducing. Thanks for sharing so much goodness and fun!