Thursday, August 7, 2014

FPFG Noonday Trunk-Show (Be With Us In Spirit!)

So, this just happened.

(With the gracious help of several of my friends who bailed me out and to whom I am eternally grateful. Extra-mad props to Lauren and to my post-party platter lickers cleaner-uppers, Timi and Sarah.)

There was pie. And bacon. And homemade basil vinaigrette. And sangria. And pie. And pie.

But most of all, there was this.


I'm sitting here grinning just looking at this fun group. My house was packed. Loved it so much.

We gabbed and tried on Noonday pretties and listened to Jolene (my local ambassador) share her sweet heart. It was the best night.

As promised, I'm opening the party up to those of you who wanted to come, but couldn't.  To order, just go to this link and type Shannan Martin in the trunk show name at check-out. The show will be open through Sunday the 10th, ending at midnight on Monday.

You will be blown away by the new fall line! We were drooling, and not just because of the bacon.

I really wish I could have crammed all of you into my little home.

Next time..... ???

I'm off to the hotel now, for salsa and Jen's reality tv debut! In my pajamas!! Best night ever. (Did I already say that??)

Luv yas,

Click here to order!! And tell me what your favorite piece is, or what your favorite pie is, or something. Just talk to me. I really like it when you do.


  1. First off - can't believe you posted. Glad ya did!
    Favorite pie - rhubarb or strawberry/rhubarb.
    Favorite piece - don't yet own any, but love your turquoise cuff bracelet.

    Kristy is that you I see up there? Hi Kristy!

    Enjoy the party. Tuned in to HGTV to watch with you.

  2. OK - I just ordered a really pretty paper bead necklace with like a triangle. I'm sure you'd totally approve.
    I don't really like pie. Is it cool if I just bring some peanut butter M&Ms? or maybe some donuts?

    1. I totally approve!!
      And the necklace sounds like one I've loved for a while. :)

      ps - I thought of you yesterday afternoon. True story! xo

  3. Ahhhh! Since I couldn't come, I had a brunch instead and met a local ambassador! THEN, I went to the Becoming conference in Asheville and made three amazing new friends bc I totally interrupted their conversation when they were talking about Noonday!!!

    PS My favorite was the turquoise wrap bracelet and minty paper bead necklace! Obsessed!

    1. Good job!!
      I love the wrap bracelet, too. I almost ordered that with my credits. It was a TOUGH call!