Thursday, August 21, 2014


Did you guys know today is legendary?

15 years ago today, I donned a puffy, too-short dress, re-routed myself past the "center aisle door" that had mysteriously been BOARDED SHUT for reasons I still don't know, walked down the aisle towering a full head over my cute Dad, and married the man God gave me for life.

We are similar in so many ways and also polar opposites in others, which probably makes us an ideal match. I learn from his example everyday and look forward to nothing more than our low-key evenings puttering around this little house or watching shows from the couch.

If you're tempted to believe our story has been edged in roses, you're wrong. We have fought for us. We still fight (both figuratively and the other way.) I've linked to this before, but I shared our love story right here. I just re-read it and it makes my insides bunch up over all the ways we've been saved and then saved again.

He just invited me out for tacos, so I've gotta skate.

But here's one more thing I keep forgetting to tell you about. I had the fun opportunity to chat on-air with Lynne Ford of the Mid-Morning Show last week. As someone with a history of "forgetting" when I'm being filmed/recorded or otherwise memorializing actual, verbal words that might live in the stratosphere in infamy, these events are always ripe for catastrophe. I'm happy to say that, despite repeated efforts not to cough on air, our convo was fun, but not in a way that will make it onto an unfortunate Pinterest meme. I call that success! 

If you'd like, you can have a listen right here. (Click "download file" to make the magic happen.) The interview is just ten minutes and should you be alarmed by my rugged, manly voice, be reminded that I was battling a cold. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

In honor of today, because I like hearing your voices, tell me something about your love story. Or the love story you've prayed for. Or the one that broke your heart. It can be happy or sad or funny or boring. I've lived every chapter and I'm sure to do it again.

Love and salsa forever,