Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The World as a Marble

In a day or two, a bunch of my favorite ladies will be boarding a plane to Rwanda.
I'm so excited for them.

I did something similar last year, and it changed me. It sounds like a cliche, but it's truth. My experience in Ethiopia was personal and, at times, achingly difficult. There were things I needed to know and I learned them there.

I think about that trip and those faces all the time.

Walking in their space shrunk the globe down to marble-size, and I know now I can carry it in my pocket. It doesn't have to be so big that it keeps us all off-radar, or so incomprehensible that we default to selective forgetfulness.

We're a team, each of us with something to give.
We're in this together, and it matters to all of us.

A bunch of you linked elbows with me by joining the FPFG Mocha Club team to support the women I met in Ethiopia on their journey toward economic freedom

We are making a difference in the lives of women I stood next to and sang with. They are real. They aren't hypothetical or theoretical. They feel what we feel. They hope for many of the same things.

You can read a moving update on what they're up to here.
"As members of the Mocha Club, we are also invited under that scarf. We share in the responsibility of supporting this community of women who are longing to leave their desperate circumstances to a place of love and hope." 
Because they have partners like you and me sending just $9/month, they are able to receive training and enter into a sustainable business. They can send their children to school. IT MATTERS.
Education Flowy Racerback Tank

When I stumbled on this Sevenly tank on Instagram yesterday, I bought it within 3 minutes. You guys, I almost never do that. (Please don't make me remind you of the whole Clearance Pants Situation.) This week, for every sale made at Sevenly, $7 is donated to one of my dearest organizations, Mocha Club, to provide meals and education for orphaned children at the New Dawn Educational Center in Kenya.

This is worthy business. Like Nicole Baker Fulgham said so well, we're called to care not only about the education of our own child, but the education of all God's children.

I didn't even plan to share this until about 10 minutes ago, after a long day at the doctor with Calv, a sub-par dinner, and episodes of Diff'rent Strokes and Bewitched.

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude right now, the ordinary, end-of-the-summer-day kind. The extraordinary kind. I have so much - everything I need, and then some.

I've been thinking long and hard these days about the right ways to spend my cash and my time and my life. It's probably not as complicated as I make it out to be. I just want to be more generous. More extravagant in letting go. I want to be life-giving, dream-sustaining. Maybe you're feeling the same way.

If so, you could buy a cutie tank or a baseball T. 
Or sign up and join us in doing something small that adds up to something worthwhile.

You'ns are my people. I really love it that way.

Summer Tuesday Night Sap For All,

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