Monday, July 14, 2014

The Partay

UPDATE :: Party is full!

This is it, mamacitas.

Who wants to come and Noonday it up with me on August 7th?
Sarah (aka Ozzy) (Don't be mad, Lovey. It's just how some people know you. It's okay. I'm sorry! Forgive me!) will be joining us on Thursday and possibly Friday. And you will LOVE Jolene, my cute, local Noonday Ambassador and friend.

At some point, you'll totally meet my Littles and Cory. I WISH you could meet Robert. But I'll drive you by the Work Release Center where he lives. Ha.

Late Thursday we'll all head over to a local hotel (still tbd) where we will don our pajamas and hopefully watch the Hatmaker's reality show.

There will be a little sleeping, but not a lot.

Don't worry, because Friday a.m. we'll go to one of two fantabulous coffee shop options where we'll caffeinate our bods and prepare for a fun day of thrifting, more eating, and associated tomfoolery.

If we have reserves of time and interest, there are a few AMAZING antiques shops in a nearbyish town we could hit up. And then dinner? Maybe? If you're up for it?

And then we all head home chipper and rejuvenated.

If this is your jam, email me asap at shannandmartin at
Let me know if someone is coming with you.

The first 20 people to email me are IN! It's first come, first served, so don't tarry, lassies.

I'm super excited. I think it's going to be a wonky blast!

Sara (of Rod and Sara fame) you won the Noonday necklace!! Email me your addy at shannandmartin at gmail. :)