Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Master Bedroom Spruce

I think I've mentioned before our pattern of neglecting our bedroom when it comes to decorating.

It always gets the minimum amount of attention to make it liveable. And it's usually a mess, since that's where I often fold laundry, sort kids' clothes, and a certain mustached individual has an aversion to relocating his items to their appropriate homes.

Que sera sera, you know? It happens.

And it usually doesn't bother me that much, because I don't spend that much time there, especially considering our bent for staying up half the night.

But sometimes I see fancy rooms on Pinterest or in mags, bedrooms with things like "working lamps" or "proper storage" and I think, nope. That kind of luxe just ain't for us.

Or is it?????

So I'm starting to daydream about what we could have up there. Someday.
And in the meantime, I'm taking baby steps.

Taping cool prints to the wall by Cory's dresser is my favorite baby step so far.

It's one of the first things I see when I wake up and I'm loving it.

This cost me zero dollars.

The Love Alone print was a gift from a friend, the smaller prints were swag from Hop Spoken, I painted the vase at the dining room table while the kids painted, and the butterfly is actually a greeting card that came in a boxed set about 10 years ago from TJ Maxx. This is proof that we can make a little magic with stuff we've already got. Take a look around and see what works together. Live with things that make you happy. It's not as complicated as we make it.
What's the state of your bedroom?
Tell me almost everything.

Butterfly greeting card  - Katie Daisy
I'll Keep You Safe print - Lion Named Parker
Flower painting - FPFG
Love Alone print - Katy Girl Designs
Birdcage print - Beautiful & Beloved

Dresser - Thrift store circa 2000 ($50) (We almost broke our backs hauling this thing in.)
Mirror - $40 Allegan flea market circa 2012
Green box - gift
Plant - Aldi, relocated from the living room


  1. i'll give you $500,000 for that painting.

  2. We're supposed to decorate our bedroom????

  3. the state of my bedroom is finished but unfinished. my husband painted the room with a dark chocolate accent wall about 7 years ago, and i chose some cool sheets and a robin's egg blue comforter with coordinating sheer curtains (the only room in the entire house that has them) to finish the makeover. well, the fitted sheet has lost its elasticity and now lines the back seat of my Suburban to protect it from dog hair, and the comforter has shrunk. we play tug of war for it in our sleep each night.

    the only thing hanging on the walls is a framed commendation i received from my employer, Starbucks, for being welcoming. it is really too small for the wall and not the right place for it, but when we hung it, i didn't have my own craft room like i do now. the rest of the house doesn't have much on the walls, so at least i'm consistent. LOTS OF UNBROKEN SPACES with nothing to occupy the eye.

    SO...we're in need of some changes. sheets and a new comforter are not low-budget though, and i'm not a big fan of spending money when stuff is working--for the most part. then there's the whole problem of which thread count do you purchase? AACK! i get purchasing paralysis just thinking about all this!

    that's the state of my bedroom. i can't believe you wanted to know.


  4. um, this looks pretty luxe... you should see my walls - totally bare. ; )

    ps. you're really good at this decorating thing.

  5. We have lived in our house for twenty years. I did a partial redecorate twice and left it in an awful state. Last fall I started again and actually finished it and I love it. It took me about six months but I kept at it and got it and the master bath completed. The real reason it took me so long is that I have to buy everything on clearance or find it at a thrift store, etc since I am that way. My 31 year old daughter with an art degree helped me with colors and such. I did quite a bit of painting of furniture and sewing but it was worth it! It makes me so happy to not be sleeping in those half done messes.

    1. Yes to all of this! Especially this: "It makes me so happy to not be sleeping in those half done messes."
      Good job!

  6. Its a ghastly state. Picture king size bed, no headboard, just beige sheet and light blanket. No throw pillows. Not even a bedspread. Two mismatched wicker nightstands from the 70s I swiped from my grandmas garage. Rocker with breast milk stains and boppy pillow, changing table and super fragrant diaper genie. Pile of clothes on floor where we should have a hamper. And not a single thing on the beige smoke stained walls save for a red and gold metal "marines parking only" sign. Sigh. We just moved in 2 months ago and I swear someday it will be pretty.

  7. "It's not as complicated as we make it." Exactly! So why do I have to keep reminding myself of this?!

    Our bedroom is a tribute to the former owner with a blue basket, pink heart border, Holly Hobby-esque ruffled curtains and a hole in the glitter covered ceiling.

    Put laundry in it's proper place yesterday, no piles today. :)

  8. My favorite thing about our bedroom...that in this season always looks pretty good in case the house shows....is our iron sleigh bed that I found on clearance the one and only time I have been in to Pier 21 AND the hand stamped table cloth/bed cover that I purchased on one of our trips.

  9. The state of my bedroom? Well, right now I have my dresses hanging on an upturned toddler bed because they don't fit in our tiny closet. The rest of the room sadly has followed suit with that sort of haphazard, "this works, right?" kind of thinking. But since the only thing we do in there is sleep, what's the rush? Oh, I love all those beautifully decorated bedrooms, but then I see the half-finished projects in the rest of the house and decide the $ is better spent elsewhere.

  10. Besides my husband, I like one thing about my bedroom - an antique chest of drawers. The rest is not very lovable - lavender walls, purple rose wallpaper, dark 1970s nightstands and dresser, random kids' toys and books and bedding we got as a wedding present 8 yes ago that I'm now over. I have started to pin some ideas so maybe there's hope, but the rest of the house always seems to get all the attention.

  11. Our bedroom is ok but definitely not finished. Nothing on the walls and that is the worst part. I can't make up my mind for what to put up! I am not in love with our bedding but it is ok. We have a cool blanket box at the end of the bed but it needs painting. I bought a lovely throw pillow for our bed two years ago to try and motivate myself to do something but still....nothing. I swore I was going to do it this summer....

  12. Nothing. Mess. Dog bed that is waaay too large. dirty clothes out the wazoo. Nada on the walls, ugliest curtains in the house. But now we're moving, and when we get that new place, I'm going to tape stuff, unless I wanna nail it to the wall, in which case I'll do that instead. :)

  13. Bare floor..went to lay carpet or flooring 15 years ago and got the plywood sheets down. 1980 rad bed that sits on top of drawers. My grandmother's Episcopalian cross over my headboard. My great grandmother's antique flower prints 3 to each side of the headboard wall. My nightstand has glass jars full of sea shells marked from their location. My great grandmother's antique hand mirror and comb from Ireland lay on top of her lace dollie. Side walls have wardrobes since there is no closet and the walls are painted antique white. My bedsheets are the cool 1970 yellow with flowers, muted cranberry blanket..I dont do top sheets and a chenille comforter thats from the family farm. A small bookshelf with my collection of hymns.

  14. My husbands grandfather's dresser from Norway with a bath rug on top to protect it and the TV on top

  15. I sometimes look at my blog clear back from 2008 and see all this cute "stuff" I no longer have...and want to freak out because I realize now all the different ways I could have repurposed it. Live and learn. Love your cheerful corner. :) my bedroom is pretty much how I want it except we're renting so all white walls, and my husbsnd has the corner being used as for his DAT studying.

  16. Girl.. you struck a nerve! Our bedroom is completely neglected and my dresser is a disaster, most of the drawers don't even close because stuff is jammed in there. The walls are bare and the comforter is old, threadbare, and doesn't match. In the corner is a slipcovered chair that I love to curl up in and read a book. It needs a new slipcover. On top of the dresser is a box.. as in a moving box from our move 4 years ago! It contains my jewelry. This room is such a metaphor for my life, it is the last room to get attention. But I am resolved to get it made up right! It won't take much, a new bedspread, a few pictures hung on the wall, a few hours to organize and clean out my dresser. The bones are good, the furniture was a gift from my husband when my son was born eleven years ago. He wanted me to have a beautiful place to curl up with my son. Your post is the kick in the pants I need to make it happen.


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  18. show us more!
    show us more!

    That mirror is your statement piece. for sure.