Thursday, July 10, 2014


We had a jam-packed June.

We visited our favorite (only?) vacation destination, where we played with cousins, chased lightening bugs, read books and napped in the hammock, and ate pie for dinner.

The two Biggers had a week of fun at Spring Hill day camp.
Each camper is awarded with a special word at the end of the week.
Calvin = helpful
Ruby = creative


We did two days at the annual Martin (no relation - ha) campout, where we ate s'mores, cook eggs in a giant kettle over an open fire, fished, swam, ran laps around the pond, and I didn't die from exposure to the outhouse.

Also, Calvin lost his glasses and I discovered the original ombre. Nice work, God! Such a trend-setter, you!

We visited the most magical place in the county, some of us in costume.

Parker Posey!

(This joke is only funny if you know I call him Parker a lot.)

We built a new playground for Chamberlain Elementary School.

I hit up the Allegan flea market with one of my homegirls.
My stuff: H&R Block sign ($5), Giant M ($10), Blue metal box with lid ($5), Antlers ($5), Curtains ($5), Orange stool ($10), Orange coat rack thingy ($6), Two metal trays ($10)

Last week, the cah-ray-ziest storm blew through around 1 a.m. I was just barefly asleep, or maybe not even. It was the loudest, strobe-lightiest storm I'd ever seen. I tried to look out the window, but then got spooked over the thought of exploding glass and hopped back into bed.

All of the kids slept through it.

I kept waiting for the tornado siren to go off, but it never did.

Except that IT DID, and I somehow missed it??

I was stunned the next morning when I saw the destruction. Our street was a disaster. Most of the city was a wreck. Giant trees clipped in half - hundreds of them, everywhere.

It was eerie!
A tree fell on my neighbor's house, two doors down.

I've never been happier about our lack of mature trees.

Crops were destroyed, the roof was torn off my favorite little church.
It's hard to believe no one in our area was hurt.

So thankful.

Last weekend, on a lark, we headed up to New Buffalo Beach after church.

It was suuuper rocky, which was a TOTAL JACKPOT as we spend most of the afternoon looking for sea glass.

Guys, it has been my lifelong dream to find sea glass. I've searched on every tropical and Floridian vacation, and found nada.

I was starting to take it personally with God.

Years ago I whined about this and a reader MAILED me a handful of sea glass! Can't handle the kindness.

But still, I wanted to find my own.

And I did!  I found 4 pieces in just a couple of hours. Can you believe it???
Me, either.

But it's true.

We've done some regular, not-fun things like laundry and doctor's appointments.

And we've done lots of wonderful, blissfully boring days where we putter around at home and try to stay busy. Or not.

We've stopped to smell the flowers.

We've done crafts and recipes and invited people over.

We've done bike rides and umpteen ice cream cones.

The Biggers learned cursive. 

We ate plenty of $1 tacos on Wednesdays.

Maybe I've said this before, but I think this is my favorite summer ever.
I can't stop loving it.

And we still have 4 more weeks until school starts!
(I'm actually despondent over only having 4 weeks left, but I'm trying not to show it right now...)

I love ya, Summer '14.
You're being so good to me.

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  1. Totally cracks me up that Calvin said "boring". Kids! I bet when they are older they too will think this is the summer to beat all summers! Can't believe you only have 4 more weeks. I think we have six, but I'm too scared to count them.

  2. Four more weeks. Stop. I can't handle it. (I'm a teacher.) I can't handle it because this is my first summer not doing anything life changing and it's perfect!

    Perfectly pretty pictures. And I have one of those orange flowers in my yard. I didn't know what it was....

    P.S. I LOVE posts like this!

  3. Parker Posey if my fave.


    But, you knew that already.


  4. Don't look now but the second picture down looks like Ruby is of the male gender!!! Giggles for days!! Happy Summer!!

  5. We had the same storm! No one was hurt but we lost an old apple tree and the power is still out in some areas. I've never been able to find sea glass either! One of my internet friends sent me some from Australia! We must be related.

  6. *sigh* I love that you live "near" my hometown! I'm from LaPorte. Their area got smacked by that storm while we were all in Wisconsin. Looks like you had a fantabulous June. My kids do daycamp at Camp Tecumseh where Iain usually gets the "blackhole bandit" award. That's the giant black drainage pipe they made into a slide. LOL.

  7. Lovin' this! I feel like I've been doing it all with you guys. Makes me tired. lol Keep posting.

  8. Hi there! I'm fairly new to your blog, but I just wanted to say I love it :) Your photography is beautiful + I love reading about the little adventures you take.

  9. First of all - where do you get your tacos on Wednesday? They look yummy and I think I might need to go visit my brother just so I can try the tacos.
    Second - why have I never heard/ been to the Allegan flea market... I'm adding it to my list of places to go this summer.
    Third - We drove by all the branches down on Green Road on the way to my brother's last week and I was surprised that no one was hurt with all the damage we saw.
    Hope you continue to have a "boring" summer - because Calvin's boring sounds pretty darn good to me!

  10. your summer sounds delicious and full in every way!

  11. Those tacos for a BUCK?!?! WHAT! I am there every day, all the time! Delish looking!

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