Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flash Sale!!

Summer Pals!
I've been missing you.

We're not quite home from a whirlwind trip to "Phillydelthia" (<< Silas, haha) and you won't even believe the way God took care of us. More on all that soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about a fashionABLE Flash Sale happening TODAY ONLY (Thursday July 31) from 2-6 Central time.

40% off scarves to make room for the Fall line!
This sale applies toward the following scarves:  Frehiwot, Etanesh Stripes, Alem, & Anchinalu (while supplies last). 
This is an amazing opportunity to stock up.
I wear these scarves ALL the time, especially as summer winds down and fall ramps up.

{You can see some of my favorite scarf looks here, here, and here.}

To get the 40% off -- enter the promo code SEEYASUMMER2014 at check-out.
As always, there is also FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $80! 

Get shopping, homies!

Talk soon,

PS - Just saw that another favorite FPFG affiliate, Canvas People is having AMAZING end-of-season sales right now. Free 8x10 or 60% off custom photo canvases!!  {The canvas I'm loving right now is at the bottom of this decorating post. Time to order a new one!}

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  1. Is there a promo code for the fashionable sale? I just went there and tried to order the scarves. ?.tried everyone and at check out it came to full price. It was 2 central too. Thanks

    1. kristy -- make sure you enter the promo code SEEYASUMMER2014 in your shopping cart to get the 40% off!!

    2. Yep, I went in and made that edit in the post about the promo code. Minor detail. HA! So sorry!

  2. Thank you marisa...I overlooked the code

    1. See my note above. This was my fault, not yours. :)

  3. Just for future reference, CGPro Prints has even lower canvas prices than Cancas People and they are great quality. Since you're a thrift shopper and all 😉.