Friday, July 11, 2014

An Invitation to Party and a Giveaway From Moi

True story. If you invite me to a Noonday trunk show, I will most definitely come and there's a sky-high likelihood I'll buy something. Cannot resist. At all.

A few weeks ago, I attended my homey Heather's trunk show and I knew deep in the marrow of my knobby bones that I didn't need more Noonday, but oy, I wanted to buy something. It felt criminal not to.

Then it hit me. I wanted to buy something for you. Because I love you's. I do.


Voila. Here she is.

I feel like I deserve many pats on the back and maybe a Perfect Cheer for going a somewhat practical route.

I usually gravitate toward weirder, crazier pieces with personalities that remind me of Karen from Will & Grace. But I know many of you are Noonday tiny babies, so I gently guide you along with kid gloves. Except I have man hands and you've seen my gloves before.

Don't worry about the fact that the necklace comes pre-worn. It's not even weird at all. I left the tags on it, and I only wore it long enough for my neighbor man Mike to wonder for the nine thousandth time why Cory takes so many pictures of me in our yard while he smokes cigs on his porch and tries to look natural.

I'm sure we seem creepy.

I planned my outfit just to show you the versatility of Noonday pieces. My fave jeans (cuffed), sandals, a white shirt I should really wear more often (circa 2004) and yellow Noonday.


It's even better if you layer on a bunch of other stuff with it. (My earrings are from here.)

Do you love it?
Woo hoo!!!!

I wish I could've bought these bad gals in bulk and shipped one off to each of you along with a bag of Santitas.

Alas, there's only one.

So, tell me something in the comments to be entered to win. Tell me anything. I just love hearing you talk.

But Wait! There's More!

I'm having a Noonday trunk show on August 7th.
I happen to have completely saturated my local friend market with Noonday, so genius befell me once more.

I'm inviting YOU.

Party's at my place, Thursday the 7th at 6:30. (Goshen, Indiana)
There will be many good things including but not limited to: Sangria, salsa, dessert. Probably a soft cheese or two. I'm thinking dinnerish, even. But not fancy. Think paper plates - but pretty ones!

With any luck, the patio will have a roof and furniture.
If not? We party anyway.

I have room for 20 of you.

AND...since I don't know if some of you may be troopers willing to drive a bit to get to the partay, if there's any interest at all, I think we should sleep over at a hotel in town (working on those details, but something like Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn) and then tool around all day Friday SINCE MY KIDS WILL ALREADY BE BACK IN SCHOOL.

I'll take you thrifting and out for fancy pizza on Friday.

What do we think? What do we think????!!!

I get excited every time I think about it.
Noonday. Salsa. Me. You. Fancy Pizza.

I will do a separate post on Monday July 14th at noon ET for the trunk show. Take some time to get your ducks in a row if you're interested and meet me back here then!

For now, tell me something GOOD for your chance to win a little blinga-bling.

Yours Truly,

(I don't allow anonymous comments because trolls LOVE me. Sorry!)