Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Manifesto

I loaded these pictures yesterday, from the blissful, vacation-esque comfort of my childhood home.
From that vantage point, the whole summer was my oyster.

But now it's Monday, laundry day, trying-to-work-with-no-internet day. 
Isn't that just life?

I trekked down to Ohio with my two littlests, while Calvin and Cory stayed back to work on the patio.
Our weekend away was full of the best types of things, much like the previous weekend.

I find I'm caught between the desire to go adventuring every week, every day, to explore and go and flit on the breeze. (I blame our cooped-up winter.)

But on the flip-side of that coin is the longing to slow down and just Be.

 This past week without internet has been interesting.
It's been good for me.

What I know for sure is that there really, truly is no pressure on my online self, other than the pressure I create. And though I'm famously good under pressure, "good" probably isn't the word I'd use. 

So I'm launching a new movement in my life, one in which I prove mostly to myself, my goodness under conditions of extreme rest and intentional leisure.

Some days I'll leisure quietly.
Some days I'll leisure wildly.

Every day, it's up to me. (Except for the days that nothing is up to me, sort of like this one I'm sitting in. In those cases, I'll toss off the feeling of "pressure" like a bad shirt and instead, I'll do my best to rapture on the whimsy. I like that word so much better.)

May this be a summer of patio sitting and perpetually wind-blown hair.

I want to choose well and listen to myself and my family.
I want to move with courage into the new territories God is laying out before us.
I want to be drawn together, enjoying whatever wiggle room we find as the gift it is.

I want to grow friendships and maybe some zinnias.

I want vegetables every day.
I want all the best watermelons and tan feet.

I want clear eyes.
A listening heart.
I want to be teachable.

I choose settled and sure, and it's okay that settled for us often involves long stretches of highway with the windows rolled down.

What's your Summer manifesto? What is it that you need and how do you hope to create it?


Guys, I just heard I made top 3 for the #styleforjustice trip to Rwanda. 

Voting officially starts again today.
You get one vote for each 24 hours, but this time they're requiring that you sign-in with your facebook account. Unfortunately, if you don't have a facebook account, you won't be able to vote.
They're doing this to ensure that each person only gets one vote per day.
It's a good thing!
But it's also different, so I wanted to warn you. :)
Cory just voted and confirmed that it's easy.
You can vote right here and the link will stay up on my sidebar. 
Thank you!!!

*All pics from last weekend, in Rockford with friends. Ohio trips to come...