Monday, June 30, 2014

Ruby's Family Portraits (and why it's hard to be the mama)

What we have on our hands around here is a small pack of budding artists. All 3 of the littles draw their brains out on an almost-daily basis. I buy reams of copy paper from Kroger like it's my J.O.B.  (Except for the last time it wouldn't ring up right, so they just gave it to me. You have my heart, Kroger!)

Recently, unbeknownst to me, Ruby drew portraits of our family.

I took the liberty to caption the pictures, and I'm quite confident everyone will be pleased with my interpretations.

 "I'm Ruby! I have curly hair and a toothy grin. I'm obviously the kind of cute little girl you'd want to spend the day with."

"I'm Silas! I love stars and all kinds of sparkly things. I jump and dance around. My jazz hands are on autopilot. You just can't top the fun I am!"

"I'm Calvin! I'm friendly and sweet and I love to engineer and build. Look at what I just made with my Legos!"

"I'm Cory! I'm a fun, happy Dad. I specialize in tickling and general joy and happiness. I love to take pictures, and I really love wearing shirts featuring myself taking pictures."

"It's me! Howard! I'm the coolest cat around. Heck, I wear people clothes. Don't let my squinty cat eyes fool you, I'm a deep sea of serenity. Meowww."

 "I'm Mommy."

I have to say, the hair is a ringer.

Welp, I'm off to hide under the covers forever and pray for the sort of life circumstances that don't cause my sweet children to picture me as a psychotic, terrifying, cross-eyed maniac.

Goodbye Forever,

**Editorial note: Ruby claims I'm "looking at my fingernail polish" as opposed to getting ready to back-hand someone*. The problem is, she also claims I'm "smiling" and "cute" in her rendering. Also, I have painted my fingernails zero times in the past 4 years and I'm pretty sure that one time when she was 3 didn't make a huge impression.

*Which I have done never in ever and hopefully you know this, but I'm right about now, I'm questioning almost everything.