Thursday, June 19, 2014

Right Now Faves

Because it's June and because I'm feeling like the luckiest lady in the land, it seems like the right time to give some shout-outs to some of my recent favorites.

You may have gathered this, but favorite things aren't about having or getting or striving or pining. They're simply about noticing and appreciating, in big ways and small, in things that cost and things that are free.

I happen to love it when other people post about stuff they dig, but that's because I'm nosy. If we ever have dinner together, there's a high probability that I'll ask you to lower your voice or "act normal" so I can watch you intently, as if in actual conversation, while I actually eaves-drop on whatever's happening behind me. I can't even tell you the joy eavesdropping has brought to my life at moments both critical and mundane.

So, anyway. Here's stuff that I like, with full, nitty-gritty disclosure.
Because that's how I roll.

* Favorite Verse Right Now *

Sometime before we moved, I stumbled on Psalm 27:13 late one night when I was feeling sad and uninspired and hoping David might lighten my load a bit. Finding this verse was one of the clearest moments I've ever that God was speaking straight to me. I'll be honest, I feel like this verse might not even be in all the other Bibles. Just mine. That's how much I own it. (Apparently the internet found out about it at some point, but probably only because I blogged about it a while back.)


Since I'm not as stingy a Jesus Lady as I make myself out to be, I decided to share *my* verse with my Brother- and Sister-in-law who very recently moved into a neighborhood far past the borders of their comfort zone.

I knew right away I wanted Tara to put it on a sign for them, because I have one of her signs and it's one of my prized possessions.  (Robert has one, too!)

There's something about slapping meaningful words right where we'll find them, every-day, every-day. It helps.

(Between You and Me has a sale running now through the end of June - 15% off any purchase with the code ANTHEM15)

* Favorite Songs Right Now *

Luck found me last night when I got to roll back to my roots in our Swaggery, Hubcapless White Dodger Van. I mean, I love the swanky tan van. But the Pale Wonder makes me nostalgic. Also, it has a cd player.

As such, I decided I have two favorite songs right now. And I happen to still be in the sharing mood.
Eavesdrop - from this album.
I can't stop belting this out when I'm alone and no one's listening.  It seems to be written in the exact key of Shannan, so basically it's perfect for a highish lady-tenor.

Also? It's swoony. Sexy, if you will. There. I said it.
I'm allowed, because I'm 38 now. It seems like it'll be alright. Something in the way he croons about his "skeeeeeeinnnn". I dunno.
[Update :: A perfunctory Google search confirms that I've felt well within my right to invoke the S word for at least the past 3 years. I'll be honest, 35 seems a bit precocious for that sort of thing.]
Sugarcane -  from this album.
Again with the singing out loud.
I don't have a dang clue what this song is about. Initial analyses suggest something...unseemly, but maybe in Australia peep shows take on an entirely innocent meaning.

If you're interested in reading the lyrics in my best Aussie accent, you're in luck. It seems I was all over this song almost three years ago to the week and still prone to meaningless blog drivel.

* Favorite Book Right Now *

Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus
A week or so ago one of my favorite new people asked if I've read this book. I ordered it the next day, because I'm that impressionable. We have big plans for a trans-American cyber-book-study.

I am luh-hu-huving it so far.
And if that wasn't enough, today when I was sprawled out on my new Summer Blanket 2014 at the splash pad, I got to the section where the authors quote Bossypants.

You have my heart forevs, Slow Church! And Tina Fey!

 * Favorite T-shirt Right Now *

I went to the J Crew outlet last weekend whilst Ohioing.
I arrived 10 minutes before closing.
I bought two t-shirts without even trying them on, one gray (because I only have 11 gray t-shirts and everyone knows you need 12) and light aqua blue.
They are the softest shirts in all the land.
They have no embellishment or integrity or purpose or mission - unless you count extreme breathability and off-the-charts cush-factor.
they were just 15 Poppers a piece.
I already wore the gray one twice.
Two days in a row.
But no need to air my dirty laundry.

* Favorite Meal For Life Right Now *

Brown. Black. Fajitas. Mild. Medium. Corn. Sour Cream. Guac. Lettuce.

Every day.
All the days.

Cory and I keep considering opening a franchise in Goshen, but then we start to wonder if "Jail Chaplain" and "SAHM/Blogger/Furniture Rearranger/Silas Corraler" properly qualify us??

That's all for now.
Peace out.

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