Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Summer Vibe & Painting With Weeds

We are in the thick of summer.
How did this happen? And when? And how?

It's already late June.
As my mom would say, "Great Scotts!"

Our June was supposed to be frazzled and jam-packed and stressful. But a couple of things got scratched off the list, and what we've found is some wide open space. Turns out, it's exactly what we needed.

Somewhere in my heart, I knew I needed some legit down-time. Our summers usually involve lots of doctors appointments and often a physical move to a new house. But this one is rolled out before us so nicely. It's silk shantung. It's the cotton with just enough polyester to make it extra smooth. We're all breathing easy and the living is good.

But I mean, ask me in a couple more weeks.

Cory and I recently watched a documentary on solitary confinement in prisons. The typical, upbeat fluff we prefer. They interviewed one young man and he was all, "I love it! I don't get what the big deal is. I like the quiet." The problem was, it was only day 3. One week later, he was causing himself physical harm just so they'd have to let him out and take him to medical.

And no, I did not just refer to summer as solitary confinement in prison. I definitely did not just draw a correlation to incarceration or self-harm.

Thanks for asking.

I just feel strongly compelled to lean into the known. I want to experience the bliss of boredom. Not just my kids, but me, too. I'm experiencing an overwhelming urge to not be bound by expectations of any kind. We're doing what we want, when we want it. We're staying home for entire days and puttering around.

We have things going on, but only if we want them.

So far the rhythm we've found involves either a long walk or a bike ride. (Today's ride was conducted under a light rain shower. Hello, magical transport! We loved you!)

We're working together to keep the house intact, but I'm not stressing over it. (You're shocked. I know you are. Could you just pretend?)

We're just doing our thang, that's all.
So far, it's pretty wonderful. A little boring, too, but that's what we're going for.

Last week I took Silas and Ruby on a rogue adventure.
Naturally, Silas strapped on a hot pink fanny pack and Ruby wore a janky feather she had colored in rainbow stripes.

We rode along our ultra-rad bike path, and it's official, I'm never leaving this town. Not ever.
(Read this to determine just how seriously you should take my bold proclamations.)

We were on the hunt for rando bits of nature to use as paint brushes, because these are my two painting-fiends and, well, they both rock a rando vibe.

Alert: I didn't get any cute "action" shots, because remember what I said about no obligations or agendas?

  But this is what our "brushes" looked like when we were done.

 And this... just some...

 ...of our art.

Guys. This was so fun. And free. Start to finish, it helped us spend a solid 2 hours. That's not nothing, these days.

In the midst of all this humdrum splendor, I wondered if I might just temporarily abandon Ye Olde Blog, but it seems I just don't have that in me. I like coming here. I like writing it down.

It's freeing to share bits of our ordinary, simple life.
And all the while, my mind is working, working, never ever taking a break. So I'll have other things to say, too.

But the main thing is: No hurry. No worry.

It's summertime, baby. Join me.

ps - A few of you have mentioned that my posts aren't showing up in your feeds. Ack! I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on or how to fix it. But let me know in the comments if you're having trouble, too. I'm trying to track down a solution! In the meantime, you can always find me on facebook and that's also a great way to bring others into the FPFG party. :)