Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No Cigar, etc...

Welp, I found out this afternoon I ended a "close second" for the Noonday trip to Rwanda. The good news is, I had a strong hunch this would be the outcome since Saturday, when they released the first numbers to the finalists. The better news is, at that point, I was sure I'd end a "distant third", so we made progress! Real progress!

Of course I have you guys to thank. And I can't thank you enough, really. But I did pick strawberries for an hour this afternoon, and I did it in your honor. I thought of all of you and how I'm so lucky to be loved by you.

I wish I could serve you a slice of pie.

I am completely at peace. A little disappointed, yes. Making the trip would have been dreamy.
But God is the boss of this trip and everything else ever, so I trust Him. I do.

I'm excited to follow along with many of my friends as they trek across the globe. No matter what, I believe in the work being done. I believe in the women going. I believe there's great power in story.

The big kids are going to Spring Hill camp all this week. It's a full day, so I sort of feel like school hasn't ended yet. I'm getting twitchy and itchy to start Real Summer Vacation.

Complicating matters is the fact that I wore jeans and a long-sleeved T today. (It's a bit blustery.)

But hey, I did get the floors swept and the bathroom no longer looks like a crime scene. Glass half full!

I'm resolved to not make a summer list this year, but to just live and let live and play and rest. We have 8 weeks, so time's a wastin'.


For all of you crafty moms, or all of you "I need a plan" moms, my friend Courtney Walsh is partnering with my other friend, Jeanne Oliver, to offer an online summer art camp for kids ages 5 and up. In other words,

This online course is the perfect way to bond with your child, so feel free to get in on this artsy fun, save projects for rainy days or do them all in one week, the choice is up to you! - Courtney Walsh

Register here. Classes being June 17th, though you can work at your own pace and you'll have access to videos for one year. Cost is $28. {Read here for all the details!}

Finally, remember The Fatherhood Project videos produced by our friend Corbyn Tyson for Soulpancake? He will be sharing his project tomorrow (Wed.) morning on The Today Show!!!! I'm so excited. The entire project has blown me away and we are honored to be a part of it.

Word on the street has it that he'll be on between 9-10 Eastern.

I know I'll be watching!

So giddy to see where this summer takes us.You with me?