Saturday, June 28, 2014

In Which My Blog Stages A Revolt

Well, hello there.
Happy Saturday!

I'm here in my pajamas, savoring the first Saturday spent at home in weeks.

First of all - it seems FPFG is wallowing in her rebellious, sinful nature right now. And by "her", I mean the blog, not the lady writing the blog, though that could be a whole 'nother post, because FPFG The Writer has "enjoyed" a few quick benders into selfishness and unnecessary sarcasm of late. And salsa gluttony.

But anyway, my blog is broken-ish. Most or many of you are not finding me in your readers, though to complicate matters, some of you are having no trouble at all. I'm working hard to get this fixed, but in the meantime, several of you have mentioned that it fixed the problem when you deleted my feed and then re-added it.

You should know, when I hear about things like feeds and feedlies it just makes me hungry. I should never have been trusted with a blog.

So, give that a try and spread the word, if you know of others who read.

I have tens of twenties of things I want to tell you about, but I feel compelled to wait so I don't have to repeat myself. (Do you know about my legendary loathing of repeating myself? It's a thing.)

In the meantime, I'm reading 3 books and enjoying entire days where I don't fire up the laptop.

My kids are deep in the throes of "Playing Dentist". Yesterday it was Calvin and Ruby, "Every tooth has gunk on it. I'm afraid we'll have to operate." Today it's Silas and Ruby. Something about our new Ikea lamp inspired them, and it'll be weeks before we see the limits of this awakening.

My agenda today includes proper menu planning on yellow legal pads (swoon!). The end.
Tomorrow? I'll be junking.

The weekend is shaping up nicely!

I wanted to give you a peek at a cutie Fatherhood Project video of kids talking about their dads. (My littles make an appearance.)

My sister also sent me the link to this video, which was taken when Calvin was 26 months old, eons and many homes ago.

Let it be duly noted that it was an overzealous Auntie who titled the video, not this Mama. :) Regardless, THIS KID. I mean, really. He sang ALL the time when he was 2 and 3. His specialty was hymns. I can't even handle his perfectly round face right now. It's killing meh.

Goodbye forever.


  1. OH MY HEART!!! CALVINNNNN!!!! best video ever!

  2. That video of Calvin makes me want to have about ten more babies. SO precious.

  3. How sweet! Both videos that is.

  4. That little voice - so earnest!

  5. That video of Calvin just broke my heart!!!!!! SOOOOOOO SWEET!

  6. I realized I hadn't read a post from you in a while... glad I decided to come check it out personally ;) I use feedly, not sure why its not picking you up...

  7. Oh, Shannan ... Calvin's video ... just the cutest thing. I had to show The Man, as well and we both fell head over heels in love with him. The song, his hand motions (clearly directing is in his future) and how he was right on pitch, not to mention his choice of songs, it's safe to say he made our day. When he finished his performance, I looked at my husband and said basically what Monica has already said, "Children can break our hearts, can't they?"

    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of eating when I hear about feeds and feedlies (wait is feedlie even a real thing? cause my spell checker doesn't think it is....)
    Haven't noticed anything different about the blog because I am... well a little slow when it comes to all these things on the internets.
    You should know that I have a link to your blog on my toolbar which I check at least once a day.
    I already think your kids are adorable, but little Calvin Chubby Cheeks is the best (though I did get a good chuckle from his helmet hair in the Dad video!)

  9. what emily said.
    plus kill the laptop and read, girl.
    and if your kids get good at cleaning teeth, then praise the Lord.
    cha-ching. =)

  10. The video of Calvin and the "Playing Dentist" pic . . . too precious for words!!

  11. If there is anything more precious than your littles...I don't know what it is. Calvin made me cry and the sweet dentist littles made me cringe. I go the dentist being dragged, kicking and screaming. hahaha. j/k almost. ;)

  12. (Working) Reader or not... I ALWAYS check here. :) - Due to our mutual amusement with the absurd I feel compelled to mention flies are doing acrobats (and other unmentionable things) between my fingers as I type thanks to the blessed chicken plant a mile across the field.

    Junking = jealous!!! Hope you're having a fun time. Weather radios been blaring here.

  13. I'm not getting your posts either. (so glad I checked on this one cuz sweetie he is a doll!) Can't figure out what you suggested to do. I did subscribe with an old email address to see if it will work.

  14. your wee calvin. singing.

    oh. my.

    must resist watching it again (and again), lest i fall over in dead swoon.

  15. Um, I don't even know what a feediefoodiefeedlie is. I just type in the name of your blog and read it. That's commitment. :) Those videos are precious! Best version of The Old Rugged Cross I've ever heard.

  16. I tried the delete and re-sign up...didn't work. My IT friend said that your feed is just recycling instead of landing in it's new address so that's why our "blog readers" can't find your feed. Can you go back to your old blog address?

    1. You are back in my reader!! Hooray hooray! Whatever you (or "they") did...or if the planets are just aligned today...hooray!! You are back! I didn't delete or re-add or was just back this morning and I'm so glad!

  17. ok I removed your feed from my feedly and re-added it and sofar it looks fine! your newest blogs are showing up now.

  18. What a great post! Thank you for sharing your sweet, happy, fun family. Calvin did a wonderful job with 'the old rugged cross'.


  19. Both of those videos, slay me. How did you manage to get anything done when C-dawg was little? He's incredibly cute, and i love the way that he's somehow now speaking like a 35 year old in the Soul Pancake video. Just darling.

  20. Hands down the BEST version of Old Rugged Cross I have ever heard. How adorable!!! :)