Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Wasn't Always Like This - Living Room, Early Summer Ed.

It's official: I can't leave well enough alone.
It's a recent affliction. I blame the pine-planked walls.

During the four years we lived on our farm, I basically moved zero things off the walls. I hung them, I liked it, the end.

I would sometimes read things about people who "couldn't stop" rearranging their furniture and I would instinctively begin ticking off a list of things I would like those poor, bored souls with too much time on their hands to take care of for me. 1) Potty train my belligerent almost-four year old 2) Solve our mole "issue" (vermin, not dermatological situation, though I have some of those, too) 3) Referee arguments between Calvin and Ruby in which his ultimate come-back was, "Well, I'm South Korea and you're...NORTH KOREA!" etc...

As usual, I now find myself perched on the throne of that which I used to judge.

Only instead of furniture switch-itis, it's the wall art strain.

These days, I lap up posts like this as though they were fountain Dr. Pepper on a hot, who-gives-a-rip kind of day.

And then I go hammer a few more holes into my walls.

The magical thing is, you don't even notice the pock-marks in the planks. I daresay they look better.

And hey, we got a new couch! For the first time in my life, practicality won out. We can't stop loving our Ikea sectional. Now, when you come and visit, you won't get stuck in the strange, wooden rectory chair! You know you're excited.

For the record, the couch is light gray. For two days after it arrived, it looked blue in certain light. It probably still does, but I'm here to say: It Doth Be Gray. Don't think of telling me otherwise, unless you're Haven, in which case you'll march in, shout, "I love your new couch! It's blue!" and I'll feed you soup and keep on loving you anyway.

(Side table - Target clearance.)


My solution was to buy two aqua clearance pillows from Target, thinking the bright blue would render any other bluish thing not-blue in comparison.

And yes, I did get my PhD in fancy decorating. Why do you ask?

For one split, redonkulous second, I believed the new couch would require different curtains.
Why do I do this to myself?
Why do I try to complicate life?

I still love the curtains. And since I already have them, they are free. They're staying.

Pillow Talk
Aqua pillows: Target
Yellow/White herringbone pillow: Homegoods
Colorful, geometric pillow: Paisley Sprouts
Be Classy pillow: Joss & Main

We haven't figured out a good coffee table situation.
We're real coffee-table kind of people, on account of the late-night snacking and our propensity for stacking up junk.

For now, the flowered bench is pinch-hitting.

When I was taking these pictures, I noticed all the junk on the bench and almost moved it out of the frame. Crisis averted, because on second glance, though I don't really want to know why there were two baseballs in the living room, these are the details that speak to who we are.

In the happiest accident of all, our junk is what gives life to our homes! (in moderation)

I found each of these paintings for around $3 each at Goodwill stores over the past 6 months. They're BIG. The two paint-by-numbers were bought together, the aqua one on the end came later, in almost the exact size, in a very similar frame. FATE!

Across the room, I flung a new piece of fabric across the tension rod to the TV hutch. Let it be duly noted, I do not sew anything for this. I buy a yard and a half, wash it, and fling it. I rather like the raw bottom edge, and yes, I do prefer you read that last line with a British accent. Thank you kindly for asking.

This is actually an indoor-outdoor fabric bought at JoAnn's for 50% off. I picked it out and paid for it in a total of 5 minutes, because when you know, you know.

I was so disappointed years ago when I discovered my "plant stand" was an ash-tray.
Now, it ups the cool-factor of our home by at least 40%!

This is my "mantel".

At this moment it strikes me that the becloched camera looks a little puny.
Objects in your laptop screen are larger than they appear.
It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, nor does it have to be to scale.

Peony photo-turned-paint-by-number: Canvas People (50% off + FREE SHIPPING right now!)
Watercolor map: Whimsical gift from my friend Lezlie
Spirit Lead Me print: Sacred Made

This is one of the happiest corners in my home, IMHO. (I used to think <<-- that meant something...unsavory. True story. Don't tell Robert. I'm still trying to convince him I'm street.)

Howard approves, as far as I can tell.
(And trust me, he's not always an easy audience.)

Happy Tuesday, friends.
Thanks for sticking around, even when I ramble.

Shannan Girl

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Other Summered-up areas of our home:
Book nook
Entry table and funky art wall
Kitchen - Magazine flower garland

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