Saturday, June 14, 2014

God Made A Helper

This weekend, I hope you snag some precious time with your family. I hope you honor your Dads and the Dads in your life.

But past the cook-outs and the homemade cards with covered in tiny, finger paint hand-prints, there are big kids surviving life without ever having known the guidance and wisdom and strange humor of a Dad.

We know quite a few of them, and they "celebrate" the day with a roll of their eyes, a well-placed curse word, or complete indifference.

They push down the pain of being forgotten and wear a suspiciously "easy" smile. They swear they don't care, that he was never worth their time. What they really mean is, "I was never worth his time."

Please enjoy the time with your family. Love them extra-well.

But refuse to forget the pain throbbing just past your edges, well within your reach.

Take two minutes and watch this. It will change you, if you let it.

*Video produced by the Crossing Educational Center.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Aren't we all misfits so able to help another misfit, if we would just take one step out and then another. A wrenching and beautiful reminder for me today. Thank you.

  2. Awesome! I spied that man of yours as well! :)

  3. Thanks for making us uncomfortable in our complacency over and over. You are making a difference in the lives of people like me; people who are neatly saved and afraid to look beyond the comfortable world we live in. The video is excellent and I'm going to share it.

  4. Thanks for sharing this video! My husband and I mentor a little 8-year-old who is being raised by his grandparents and who desperately misses having a father figure in his life.. it seems like when you take one step into helping more and more opportunities appear out of no where! Thanks again for encouraging us to be God's helpers (and for LIVING the example too!)

    1. We have found the exact same thing, that taking one step and it leading to so many more opportunities. Thanks for the comment, Laura!