Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Breathers

Cory's mom kept our kids overnight last night.

So the air around here is quiet and blissful.
No offense, shorties.

This was our first "real" alone-all-nighter in almost a year, since the last time our kids were gone we ended up with the stomach flu, but I'd really rather not think about that.

I've been on a couple of fun friend trips lately and they've fed my soul in so many important ways. But there's always a part of me that wishes for the same with Cory. This is the first time in forever we haven't done a long-weekend getaway and there's really nothing in the cards.

24 hours? I'll take it.

Maybe not everyone needs this kind of white space, but I just do. And I'm so thankful when it finds me.

We stayed up until 1, slept until 10, then shared a cinnamon roll at the coffee shop and browsed around the farmer's market. (flat-leaf parsley and a white delphinium came home with me)

Then I did my favorite thing in all the land: I puttered around in a quiet hour.
There is nothing better. Nothing. Don't even try.

Mexican food for lunch, because we're no dummies.

I hope your carve out a moment for yourself today, even if it's after the kids are all in bed. (That's usually when we find it.)

Here are a few of the reads I've been meaning to share with you for ages:

I'm Celebrating Mother's Day for the First Time - Holley Gerth
Holley and her husband adopted a 21 year old. I can't tell you how this story breaks me apart and fills me up.

The Road to Becoming - Jenny Simmons
Jenny came to my session at Hope Spoken. As I talked, my eyes kept meeting her and I felt for sure I knew her from somewhere. I bolted over to her afterward and introduced myself. She said I seemed familiar, too. She mentioned that she sings in my area sometimes. Alas, I don't think we've ever met.
At the time, I had no clue she was scheduled to sing and lead worship later. (I can be painfully out-of-the-know.) That evening, I accidentally whopped her cutie daughter on the head with my dinner plate. And then she sang for us. Her hour at the mic was one of the favorite moments of many of the people I spoke to, including mine. Jenny used to sing for Addison Road (I actually blogged about them ages ago!) and now she's doing her own thing. She has a special passion for incarcerated women and women held captive by so many different things.

Jenny recently launched a $20k Kickstarter campaign to fund her new book and music. She recently announced she ended up raising $50k! Here's what she plans to do next:

I want to give away 500 copies of the new EP to the women I meet and perform for throughout the year who are just coming out of prison or the sex industry, living in recovery houses or shelters. $50,000 would allow me to turn the digital EP into physical copies to GIVE AWAY!  - Jenny Simmons

I can't wait.

Have You Been Hurt by the Church - Songs of a Silhouette
"If you've been been hurt by the church, you have something in common with nearly every Christian on the planet. If you've left the church because you were hurt there, you've got something in common with me..."

 And now, as a token of my love for you, I leave you with The Fun Salad.

I know, it doesn't look very special.
But I can honestly say it is my favorite. Ever. Ever.

It's something about the dressing, which is a little cheaterish, but why reinvent the wheel?

The combo is perfection.
Everyone I've ever made it for clamors for more and asks for the recipe.

Upping its fancy cred, I was introduced to it over 10 years ago by the wife of Cory's boss, a US Congressman at the time.

Basically, this salad is maybe four or five degrees from Olivia Pope.

Fun Salad (name by me)

2 T (tablespoons) chopped green onions
2 T chopped fresh parsley (I often sub dried parsley, halving the amount)
1/2 tsp dried dill weed
1/4 tsp garlic salt
1 (.07 oz) package Italian salad dressing mix (I use Kroger brand)
3/4 cup canola oil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar

Combine all ingredients by whisking or shaking.

For the salad, I use a large tub of mixed greens, 2 heads of Romaine, and sometimes fresh spinach. Then add blanched green beans (these are a must!), dried cherries (have tried cranberries but cherries are better), toasted pine nuts, and freshly crumbled goat cheese (I scrape the tines of a fork against the log of cheese for a perfect crumble.)


Happy weekend, Homies.

PS - Have you voted today? You have one vote per device per 24-hours. :)