Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Silas For Real

The good news is, Cory is building me a paaaaaatioooooooo! (think Oprah)
The bad news is, "building a patio" equals "severing the internet line".

The extra-bad news is, I can't hear or read any rendition of the word "sever" without getting the shivers.

Did I ever mention I thought every single day before the age of 19 that I would one day be a doctor? And now I can scarcely remove a splinter from one of my kiddos.

Do you ever feel like I digress faster and faster these days?

Me, too.

The funny thing about this whole internet issue is that today is the last day for votes for the ol' Noonday trip I've been yammering about. I have had zero internet presence on this, the most "important" day of all, because I don't have facebook on my phone and even if I wanted to, which I don't, I have no idea what my password is, and retrieving it involves my ancient yahoo account, which also involves a long-forgotten password. I DO NOT HAVE IT IN ME. Like, ever.

Buttt.....I saw through my magical phone that I dropped from 1st place this a.m. to 8th place. I have all of the feelings about this. And I do mean ALL, but I'm burning daylight here in this coffee-shop-with-internet, so I won't even go into it all.

(Thank you, coffee shop! Said everyone.)

Spectacularly, Cory talked me through engaging with the coffee shop internets program.

So here I am, typing to you.
Asking you to vote one last time.
(just click that line ^up there^. it's super easy.)
Voting ends tonight (Wednesday) at midnight Eastern time.

You guys have been so good to me.
Inexplicably good.

To repay you, since I can't make surprise salsa drops, I'm including shots of Silas's current "bedroom" set-up. It is the best ever.

See for yourself:



Seriously, if you ever make it to our place, hide your cords. He'll yank 'em.

I'm desperate to know what this one will do as he grows, and not just because he taped a plastic blanket bag to the cubbies as his personal trash can.

This is how he "plays". The only way. It's bizarre!! And fascinating!!! And wonderful!!!!

Please don't ask to see his bed.
I just can't. It wouldn't be right.
Invasion of privacy, etc...

Fine. He sleeps on the floor, on an unfolded pink, second-hand sleeping bag.
He outgrew the toddler bed!
Sue me!

In our defense, he loves it.
It's a very Korean way to roll, you know.
And I like to tell myself it's temporary.

Thanks for the votes and the love.

More on the flip-side, or whenever all that is severed doth be mended.



  1. I am so nervous and excited for you. I've voted on all of the devices I can find and will anxiously await the results!!

  2. I really hope you move to the next stage, but I can't imagine the butterflies you must be feeling. Honestly, I don't envy you....unless you win, of course and then I will want to carry your luggage for you just so I could tag along!

    May that which has been severed be restored soon and very soon!

    btw....I finally after the last electronic come apart wrote down all my accounts and all my passwords and have them in a safe place. Hopefully I will always remember where THAT is! :-)

  3. Is that a blood pressure moniter by the walkie talkies? Hide ya cords, hide ya wife! Oh Siley, I can't wait for your autobiography.

    20 min! Either way, adventure surely awaits you. You're the real deal. xo

  4. The voting ends Central time, so you can get an extra hour of votes in!!!

  5. You made it. Seriously. Awesome. Praising God with you fo sho.

  6. first of all, not me. i did not say thank you, coffee shop. i want every last gory, beautiful detail, always.

    second, methinks you squeaked in with the votes because the top seven move on, yes? if i am wrong i am going to learn some serious hacking skills, and fast. (ps votes from africa should count at least double because, FIRST, so many lovely days we lose electricity every four minutes. it kills me. which of course means we lose wi-fi that often, plus it takes an extra two minutes for the signal to kick back on, and that's not even mentioning all the times we have working electricity but still no internet. and also, half the time i visit style for justice it tells me i already voted that day, and i'm like, no i did not, you are just starting my day nine hours after my day starts. it's true, i argue with the internet. no wonder it doesn't turn on for me. so, you know, i'm thinking maybe triple.)

  7. Voted and no need for youngest slept on a mat in the hallway and only when she outgrew the mat did she sleep in the bed....without any sheets, only a blanket. Finally at 21 she sleeps like the rest of us Americans ;)

  8. Does Silas need more cords, because I seriously have a ginormous box of random wires and cords in my basement. For realsies. Email me if you're interested. I can hook Silas UP! (p.s. I voted yesterday. I hope you made it!)

  9. I adore you, inexplicably! and I don't even know you, in person, but it doesn't matter! I love all your words and all the thoughts. Your posts are too funny and real and beautiful all in one. I don't know what rock I've been living under, but I just found you a few weeks ago when Meg introduced you on Instagram. I. am. smitten. {don't be worried, I'm perfectly normal...unless you talk to my husband ;)} anyways, love your blog and your adorable family, and I hope you win your trip!!

  10. I feel like I should send him a care package of cords. It's the right thing to do.


  11. Oh Shanny-Belle of the North... or Mid-west... you struck a nerve with me today, as you did the day I first met you on Clover Lane. But in that 'it could only be in the world of adoption' way. My sweet youngest slept in a well blanketed Rubbermaid beside my bed when he first came home from multi-state journey to his forever home. Only to be followed by adaptations of the baby-bed, to his 'rental-house, 'do you mind if we remove the wall that separates your kids room from the living room' renovation, rent-saving' bedroom. Just last night, he wanted the bed I'd moved, so innovatively to the center of the room, right back to where it was. Against the wall, so he wouldn't roll off. Why yes. Yes, I will, Son. right where you want it. Silas........ my youngest tells me regularly his favorite color is pink. Because he knows, I'm just not a pink girl. just to rub my fur the wrong direction. But then he 'signs' me-- 'I love you'. And I know it's for 'reals'. I pray for you and I and all other moms to just roll with it, or at least roll it up once in a while to vaacum. (wink)

    1. So much love for this comment, Laura!!
      Thanks for shouting back. :)

  12. Looks like you made the top 7! WooHoo! Just remind us to vote again when the top three are announced!

  13. My husband is a grown-up Silas. :) His mom would get broken appliances for him to take apart as a kid. I love hearing about Silas' quirkiness!

  14. Your computer table is gorgeous and the headboard is truly stunning. The cabinet that holds the linens is so pretty too.
    Modern House

  15. Such a collection of gadgets your little man has - makes me wonder what creative thought processes are going on inside his head and if I will one day be purchasing his great invention! Love how God creates us all different.

  16. lol i'm stoked you're getting a new patio but pls get the boy a new bed. good luck on your contest. of course we voted. =)

  17. Replies
    1. One of the finalists, I should say. Is it possible to vote without a FB account??? I tried voting and it told me to sign in with FB. Hmmmm.

  18. I just clicked on this old post and am sitting here cracking up at the similarities in our kiddos. My 9 year old daughter STILL plays this way. As we speak...type...whatever, there is a jump rope tied in the tree outside.......when she received it a couple of weeks ago, I informed the giver that it would be used as jump rope approximately 5 times......then it would be tied to something for ever more.