Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Promise I Won't Keep Doing This

{a house on my block with a green door and a wild yard // i think it's lovely}

 Surprise! I love Instagram.

I'm such a weirdo. It's safe to say I have a real, visceral fear of most technologies. But trust me, it's warranted. Even Cory has come to see that I am, indeed, cursed. I have the power to make computers lose their dang minds.

(In the scheme of things, I feel like I got totally gypped in the superpower department.)

{silas and i walked to the post office // the power and proximity of this train almost stopped my heart for a beat}

But maybe sometimes my fear and, I daresay, my pride??? gets in the way of good things.

These are all Instagram pictures I took over the past 4 days. But hear me out, because I have a point to make.

Points, rather:

1) Having a camera on my phone is revolutionary.
2) Because, I'll be honest, I'd grown weary of lugging the big camera around.
3) Which meant I wasn't capturing much.
4) Which translated into writer's block.
5) Because I see my life and the world around me through my camera frame.
6) It's weird.
7) I'm not a real photographer or even a pretend one.
8) I think it has something to do with being intentional about saying, "You are worthy of my time".
9) And when I say "you", I usually mean "tree" or "flower" or "fence".
10) I'm low-stress about the photos I post. No fancy editing and I often don't even slap a filter over them. There's a lot of pressure to be fantastico on IG, but I'm not playing that game. I'm playing the same way I always do, letting pretty things and silly moments speak for themselves, with minimal tweaking.

{random tree at a random school on sunday}


1) I can see how it could become a problem to always have the phone too close at hand.
2) I don't want to be that Lady.

{park across the street // homegirl flies // #filter}


1) Sometimes I purposely don't charge my phone at night. This means it's almost dead in the morning, so I have to charge it then. And my charger is upstairs by my bed. Buried in a stack of books. It's a mind trick, but it works. It's easy to ignore it for hours.
2) I still find my life infinitely more interesting than my phone. Case in point: I came home from la clase del espanol last night at 8 and left my phone in my bag for the next 4 hours because I wanted to kiss my kids and lounge around with Cory and watch 2 hours of TV and eat salsa in my pajamas. None of that was photo-worthy, but even if it was? There was no way I was walking across the room to dig out my phone. Hard telling what I would have missed.

{it's all a matter of perspective // contrast is a beautiful thing}


1) I was afraid IG would make me want to quit blogging.
2) Dumb.
3) If anything, it makes me want to blog more.
4) Right???!!!!

{raspberries are 99 cents at Kroger // the end}

Find me, homies. I'm flowerpatchfarmgirl.
I tried to be Shannan Martin, but the name was already taken, which was the sign I've been waiting for: Shannan Martin no longer exists. My entire identity is now Flower Patch Farmgirl even though I don't live on a farm and my "flower patch" consists of a few of perennials ordered by a dude who didn't even know me and Ruby's red geranium she won in a raffle.

Ain't life grand??

Last thing: I now have a VOTE button for my sidebar. ------> See it over there? All you have to do is click and it'll take you to my page.

Actually, one more thing:
"Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of the heart." - 1 Thess 2:4

It has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I stumbled on this verse two nights ago when I needed desperately to hear the truth and now I can't shake it, it the best possible way.

Rock this Wednesday!


  1. I love your instragram perspective. And I certainly don't want to be that lady either. I had coffee with her once. It was a bit one sided...

    also, that verse. I think I better memorize it. Now. It's just the balm I needed this morning.

    And thank you for the green door. We have front door envy over here, I'm dying to repaint mine and my husband thinks pink is a bad idea. And now I'm out of ideas. But, green, that looks pretty good.

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  2. Your points? I'm so with you. I want a smartphone just for the camera capabilities. I dont' know how many times I've wanted to blog something but then didn't because I didn't have a photo or the time to resize and edit the few photos I did have. I just want to be free!!!!

    But, alas, I have no Facebook, therefore I can't even open an instagram account to keep up with lovely people like you and my own daughter.

    1. You have to have FB to have IG??? Really? It's possible.
      A friend of mine set up IG up though, and she didn't have my FB info.
      I don't link any of my IG stuff to FB (so far, at least) and I don't even have FB on my phone.

    2. I had IG waaaay before I had FB.

  3. You make me want my smart phone back....and our contract is dangerously close to renewal. :)

    random tree at a random school on sunday - sigh...

    raspberries are 99 cents at Kroger // the end - Your not a photographer self could take pictures for a pretend food magazine that people actually buy.

    letting pretty things and silly moments speak for themselves, with minimal tweaking. - The BEST!!! I was partly afraid all my pictures would have to be dark & blackish if I ever joined IG. True story.

  4. Have you discovered Sara Haggerty's IG #everybitterthingissweet ? Its why I tried out the whole IG thing in the first place, being an equal with you and the whole computer skills bit. But I think you would like it. Adoration, with a verse and a pretty picture. A quick reminder each day of Who our God Is.

    and I just realised I can vote once.... Each Day-oops, will get on that!

  5. I'm so glad you're on IG!! I've always loved the way you've captured photo moments.

    I love too, that it hasn't changed the way you play. :)

  6. Thanks for the button! Makes it even easier to vote.

  7. Lovveeeee following you on IG and so weird because that verse was in my devotional and then on my mind as I struggle with what my yes is because you twisted my arm to read Rhinestone Jesus and now I can't figure out what the heck I'm supposed to do because what is my yes and what is obedience and how radical am I supposed to be?!?!? These questions circle through my head minute by minute. The end.

    Amber :)

  8. Amen to the verse and to you being on IG! Love seeing how you see the world!

  9. Voted!! Again. 'Cause if it can't be me, then I'm glad it's you. Taking the kids out on the kayaks this afternoon. Consider this Wednesday ROCKED.

    I too will be succumbing to the iphone age shortly. (I feel like we should have a support group.) Tell me it's going to be okay?
    One shining spot is that I'll be able to follow you on Instagram. Thanks for making the transition that much sweeter. In the meantime, maybe check out my latest post I wrote on Spring in the east.

  10. your photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  11. I was so excited when I saw you on IG ~ isn't that funny! I rarely use filters ~ snap and go all the way baby.

  12. Come to Oregon. Bring salsa.