Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Nook

You may have caught on to the glaringly obvious fact that I've got a bit of a book problem.
It's off the charts these days, in my brain and on my nightstand and everywhere, really.
It appears to be contagious. We're all in big trouble.

Death by books.
Not a shabby way to go, really.

Here's the thing about a small house: Just when you think you've sorta maxed it out, you surprise yourself. I find that I'm constantly repressing the urge to squeeze something else in, really push the limits on our square footage and our sanity. Inevitably, I rocket back the other way, and believe (so briefly) I should strip everything off and leave the place in a state of semi-nudity. (Have I mentioned I tend to be all-or-nothing about a lot of things??)

But this? This was a no-brainer.

My bestie-since-forever, Sarah, recently got some kind of a new shelf thing. She mentioned it to me in passing and as soon as she did, her words turned all slow and robotic and mannish. Like in the movies. You know.

Because all I could think about was the old green shelf.

So, duh, I broke my own rule, the one I parrot over and over to my kids, "We don't ever ask people to give us/buy us things." I asked if I could have it. I had no earthly clue what I would do with it.

She said yes.

This is the landing of our stairs. The map has been hanging there since we moved in, but it looked pretty lonely.

It's so perfect there. Makes my heart pinch up a little.
And it's a part of Sarah, and our history. LOVE!

Also, it's chippy. With aqua blue underneath.
It's wonky and colorful and my favorite thing du jour.

Also, free.

Plus, no more homeless books.
No more treacherous bedside piles.


And, then....the rug!

I found it at Joss and Main. It's one of those websites that have different sales everyday. I think Nester made me do it. In hindsight, I'm surprised I did it? But in hind-hindsight, totally not. Because they have the best stuff at really good, TJMaxx-y prices. And it's unique, which is a big draw for me.

It satisfies that recurring itch I get to pretend-shop.
I'm forever loading up my little e-cart and then walking away, feeling frolicky and whimsical.

They have some really great stuff.

But sometimes...I actually buy things! (Like my kitchen shelves.)

A couple weeks ago, I had a $15 credit burning a hole in my pocket. It was about to expire.
I deliberated for weeks (you know I'm not even playing), then I found the exact right thing.

It's quirky and flowery and a little bit mod? Maybe?
I don't know. It's awesome.

Is it counter-intuitive and irresponsible to have a white, flowered rug in a high traffic area?
I don't really want to talk about it.

I weighed my options and all I can say is, there aren't many shoes in those parts.
The end.

I shut my oversized ears to your practicality.

Rounding out the nook - my Barnlight Electric light that I won in their contest.*

The embroidered art came from a church-lady tag sale.
The ceramic boots are a Goodwill find.
And the wire locker basket holding Calvin's eclectic mish-mash was a gift from my friend Kim.

I have no recollection of where the map came from, and it honestly scares me, because I remember everything about everything about everything. Just ask Cory.

I pass this are tens upon twenties of times per day and it makes me happy for 100% of them.

What's your favorite space in your house right now?
Which corner makes you smile when you walk by?

Tell me everything.

*Speaking of contests...
 Don't forget to vote today! You get one vote every 24 hours, so if it doesn't let you vote right now, just try again later today. And you can vote every 24 hours on different devices. :) Thanks so much, pals!