Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Nook

You may have caught on to the glaringly obvious fact that I've got a bit of a book problem.
It's off the charts these days, in my brain and on my nightstand and everywhere, really.
It appears to be contagious. We're all in big trouble.

Death by books.
Not a shabby way to go, really.

Here's the thing about a small house: Just when you think you've sorta maxed it out, you surprise yourself. I find that I'm constantly repressing the urge to squeeze something else in, really push the limits on our square footage and our sanity. Inevitably, I rocket back the other way, and believe (so briefly) I should strip everything off and leave the place in a state of semi-nudity. (Have I mentioned I tend to be all-or-nothing about a lot of things??)

But this? This was a no-brainer.

My bestie-since-forever, Sarah, recently got some kind of a new shelf thing. She mentioned it to me in passing and as soon as she did, her words turned all slow and robotic and mannish. Like in the movies. You know.

Because all I could think about was the old green shelf.

So, duh, I broke my own rule, the one I parrot over and over to my kids, "We don't ever ask people to give us/buy us things." I asked if I could have it. I had no earthly clue what I would do with it.

She said yes.

This is the landing of our stairs. The map has been hanging there since we moved in, but it looked pretty lonely.

It's so perfect there. Makes my heart pinch up a little.
And it's a part of Sarah, and our history. LOVE!

Also, it's chippy. With aqua blue underneath.
It's wonky and colorful and my favorite thing du jour.

Also, free.

Plus, no more homeless books.
No more treacherous bedside piles.


And, then....the rug!

I found it at Joss and Main. It's one of those websites that have different sales everyday. I think Nester made me do it. In hindsight, I'm surprised I did it? But in hind-hindsight, totally not. Because they have the best stuff at really good, TJMaxx-y prices. And it's unique, which is a big draw for me.

It satisfies that recurring itch I get to pretend-shop.
I'm forever loading up my little e-cart and then walking away, feeling frolicky and whimsical.

They have some really great stuff.

But sometimes...I actually buy things! (Like my kitchen shelves.)

A couple weeks ago, I had a $15 credit burning a hole in my pocket. It was about to expire.
I deliberated for weeks (you know I'm not even playing), then I found the exact right thing.

It's quirky and flowery and a little bit mod? Maybe?
I don't know. It's awesome.

Is it counter-intuitive and irresponsible to have a white, flowered rug in a high traffic area?
I don't really want to talk about it.

I weighed my options and all I can say is, there aren't many shoes in those parts.
The end.

I shut my oversized ears to your practicality.

Rounding out the nook - my Barnlight Electric light that I won in their contest.*

The embroidered art came from a church-lady tag sale.
The ceramic boots are a Goodwill find.
And the wire locker basket holding Calvin's eclectic mish-mash was a gift from my friend Kim.

I have no recollection of where the map came from, and it honestly scares me, because I remember everything about everything about everything. Just ask Cory.

I pass this are tens upon twenties of times per day and it makes me happy for 100% of them.

What's your favorite space in your house right now?
Which corner makes you smile when you walk by?

Tell me everything.

*Speaking of contests...
 Don't forget to vote today! You get one vote every 24 hours, so if it doesn't let you vote right now, just try again later today. And you can vote every 24 hours on different devices. :) Thanks so much, pals!


  1. It's adorable! Of course! But I just have to ask re: that book on the very end: are French zoo animals so different from good ol' American zoo animals??? Just curious??

    1. They appear to be the same, except I can't pronounce their names...

  2. you sneaky little devil. just voted. again.
    (love your book nook.)

  3. It looks awesome. You have a gift. Chipped paint makes my heart sing.

    1. You make me happy every single day. Did you know that??

  4. I love it! Such a happy space :)

    I feel compelled to tell the truth. And the truth is my current favorite, makes-me-smile space is in my kitchen. I finally broke down after about two or three years and purchased a microwave, which I have no room for. After bringing it home I moved everything in my kitchen as I tried to fit it in. It's possible I, at one point, heaved it on top of the fridge (fail) in an effort to save my precious counter space. Finally I cried uncle, threw it back on the counter, stuck my favorite pitcher of pretend sunflowers & a candle on top, and called it a win. Then I took three Advil. Now it feels all cozy and absurd every time I walk into my kitchen & see that digital clock glowing in the dark. I never claimed to be normal.

    1. I am amazed by this comment in so many different ways!

  5. I am 100% jealous every time I look at these photos. Sigh. My house doesn't lend itself to lots of chippy paint and bright colors. We're more muted in these parts. Those little red rain boots are going to be on my mind all day.

  6. I'm working on my patio being my favorite spot "in" the house right now. It also includes plenty of red geraniums. Love those ceramic boots. Darling!

  7. This looks so awesome! I Love your mixes of bright colors and metal. Also that rug?? I die over that thing. Love it love it!!

    1. Well, of course you "get" it!!
      Makes me happy. :)

  8. my favorite space is my chippy painted shed. i have a dream that one day i will make coffee/ tea on the wood stove and dole it out to the oldies on their morning walks. that the men will stop, outside the dutch door, while their dogs run in the field. and that the sweet friends i hold so dear will find a safe place to be art-full within its walls. the end.

  9. Outside is my space right now. My deck and screen porch are seeing a lot of me these days and it stays that way all summer long. When it gets too hot for supper outside then we switch to breakfast. We sit on our glider on the deck, sometimes with a glass of wine, and watch the fireflies come out in our woods and then run from the bugs that are chewing on us. It just makes my heart glad and I have to soak up enough of outside to last me through the next winter.

  10. i have this problem at my house, and i don't know what to do about it. there isn't an area of my house that i would call my favorite. it's all just fine, but with 16' ceilings in the great room, but i just don't feel there's a cozy spot i can really settle in. i've thought for awhile that it's an internal thing, but i think it has something to do with the house too.

  11. Ah-HA! So that's where you put the pendant! I wondered.

  12. Love this!

    My favorite place-can I have two? I'm breaking the rules. First up is the orange barrel chairs in our living room. On the rare moments of cleanliness in my house I love to sit there and read. (Rare, very rare moments) The second place is outside in the garden, under our big curly willow tree. I work out there when the sun is shining and watch the chickens be chickens and then throw my flip flops at the dog to stop chasing the chickens when they decide to be chickens. It's very pastoral really. And then we open up the gate and invite the neighbors over and throw twinkle lights in the tree and have fun watching the dog chase the chickens.

  13. Favorite corner right now would have to be where my globe collection hangs out on top of my secretary desk that came with my house and next to that my decrepit painted frame with chicken wire instead of glass that holds all my pictures and stuff reminding me of my dreams and goals... it's an ever evolving space though and I think the painting of pink flamingos i found at the Goodwill last Saturday might make it's way somehow into that corner too... along with a sewing machine drawer holding a 45 of Andy Griffith's football comedy routine... I'm with Renee,the sweet microwave lady above-- I never claimed to be normal either...! : )

  14. love that book nook - my fave new space is in my living room - my reading chair with my newly spray painted turquoise side table, and tall lamp w my new home goods find lampshade, fun new pillow case and hope spoken prints hanging on the wall! happy!

  15. Never should there be a homeless book you did a great thing, it's perfect!

  16. I think that I may change and rearrange wayyy too often to have a favorite space!! But if I were forced to pick, I'd say my kitchen!! I've been refreshing it these past two days and its making my heart sing. :)

    Your book nook landing is so incredibly you and perfect !!!

  17. You got the knack girl. Love it so much! Especially that funky rug.:-)

  18. Every girl needs a Sarah in her life. What a rock star bestie!

    FYI. I'm going to borrow some reads from your insane book nook.

    My fave spot right in our house right now is our sun porch. After that beast of a winter, we're ready to out on that porch. And by live it up, I mean eat oatmeal and read books by day and drink sangria and play board games by night.

    1. Summer Bucket List Addition: Sangria on Rach's sun porch.
      So let it be written!

  19. That chippy paint and that map make me happy just looking at photos. I can imagine the dancing that goes on when you walk by it everyday! My favorite space right now is not usable at the moment. My sewing/school room (which is actually a formal dining room that we've used for that purpose never) is cluttered at the moment with books and books and more books and fabrics and more fabrics, a freezer and various school/sewing supplies. But in the middle of the room sits a treasure I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I can't tell you exactly what it is right now because I'm saving the project for when school is done and time is on my side. I can tell you it cost me $25 and is close to the best yard sale find I've ever stumbled upon. I may be dancing too much to ever use the room for my intended purposes again. Maybe a big disco ball would be a good purchase...

    1. I am on pins and needles! Seriously - cannot even handle this suspense!!
      You leave the best comments, btw. :)

  20. The aqua peeking through the chipped green is perfection! Love that you created this space on your landing. Great idea. My favorite little space is my entry. Yard sale 3 drawer chest, old type setter's drawer leaning on the back, aqua tray on top holding old books and vintage jars filled with rocks gathered by my kiddos from the creek. Now the rest of my house....eek. A mess. Returned to work at my kids' school this year after being a stay at home mom for 8 years. No clue how to juggle...learning though!

    Giggling, as always when I grab a coffee and read your posts...truly one of the loveliest reading moments of my day!
    Melissa xx