Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All the Things

Last weekend I had my second fun trip in two weeks. Who does that??? Not this girl. Not until now.

I met up with Emily, or as I like to call her, my writing therapist.

We gathered ourselves in separate rooms on the fake-13th floor of a hotel and we holed up to work on writing projects. In between work-related fits, we walked to business casual restaurants in yoga pants and janky ponytails and got caught up on life and all the other importants.

I'll be honest, I wasn't at a good place with my current project when I arrived.
I was lost.

It was lost.
I lost it somewhere in the Polar Vortex. (Best scapegoat of 2014 and the year isn't even half over!)

Some silly part of me thought she might agree that I should just hang it up. I kept telling her how it was so hard, too hard, shouldn't it be easier than this if I'm "supposed" to write the dang book?

That sassy lady looked me square in the face and said, "Sometimes a book just falls out. But other times you have to beat it out." 

Oh my word, she scared me a little.

I decided if anyone was going to beat this thing out of me, I'd prefer it be me.
So I got to work.

That's all I know.

Like anything I do anymore, I try not to worry about "success" or even how to define success. I can't promise it'll ever meet the light of day. But I believe I'm supposed to write it, so I am.

(Read this post tonight by Donald Miller and thought the timing was interesting. Also, his comments section is popping. yikes.)

In other news, the fun ladies of Junk Evolution fame asked me to lead a single-evening class called Blogging 101 on May 22 at 6pm. Since you all know what a slick techy I am, you won't be surprised to hear that I'll be focusing on the really basic basics of how to start a blog and then what on earth to do after the third random blog name you punched in at 2 in the morning is secured. (People, I was thisclose to being Farmgirl Foodie. What???! God is good, all the time.) If you're near the South Bend, IN area and you're interested, click here for details and to sign up.

So. The good news is, Hope Spoken is selling the audio files from the conference back in March. The bad news? One of them is mine. The good news? You've all been duly warned about my "husky" voice, so we shouldn't have to go through all that again. The best news? I didn't cry as often as I remember, though indeed, this is the session where I had to take a brief time-out, turn my back to the audience, and regain my composure. It's meaty, emotional stuff, people! Click here then hover over the pictures to purchase the file from any of the HS14 speakers.

Okay. Oy. This post was very me-me-me-ish. I'm sorry. LAME!

Consider Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With my apology.

And then, you know, offer me some Tuesday wisdom.