Monday, May 26, 2014

All the Big Deals

The best thing about going away is that it always feels good to come home, no matter what.

The holiday weekend is winding down around us, we're all pink in the cheeks and so full of every good thing. The big kids still have 2 weeks of school left, but we're calling this a kick-off, and I couldn't have planned it better myself.

I'll have lots of pictures to share soon, and probably some ruminating, because I learned something around a late night (realllly late night) campfire last night: Some people are verbal processors and some are nonverbal processors. It's probably ideal if like marries like, but our straw poll indicated that hardly ever happens, giving cred to Cory's trials of listening to me hash and re-hash things in bed after midnight.

But what I also kept thinking was - I'm a written processor. Writing things down and tapping on these keys have taught me so many things about myself, and made sense of so many head-scratchers.

Turns out you guys are decent therapists, though it would be more relaxing if I could lie down on one of those little couches.


I have big, celebratory, rah-rah, whoop and hollar news: WE FUNDED OUR PLAYGROUND AT CHAMBERLAIN ELEMENTARY!!!!! Guys. So many of you helped us do it. Every little box top was clipped and shipped and they really added up. Some of you locals bought candy.

Our tiny neighborhood church dreamed up a pie auction and raised almost $1,300 for this project.

In case you're wondering, my family brought home 5 pies. Five. Cinco.
In case you're also wondering: lemon meringue, 3-berry, apple-custard, chocolate cream, and raspberry.

All I can say about all that pie is, it was a good day to be on our good side. :)

Friday we held an all-school assembly and my friend Jess, the President of our PTO, stood in front of all the kiddos and announced that after 5 years of fund-raising, it was finally happening.

Cue screaming.

Then she flashed a picture of our future playground on the screen.

Cue pandemonium.
Cue me crying.

This is what happens when community comes together and when humans and churches do their job of loving their neighbor. It's the most beautiful thing.

I'm thankful every single day that we landed here. This community and this school are gifts to our family. I don't know if most people here see it that way, but I sure hope they do. I hope they look straight through the negative things said about our little corner of town and see their strong kick of luck.

Our principal sent home a newsletter a couple weeks ago and included the following: "Recently I had a conversation with a family who is moving to Goshen and looking for a home in the Chamberlain neighborhood. They have chosen Chamberlain, as the mother states, 'so their children can have a diverse and enriching learning environment'." 

Here's my complete analysis of that: BOOM.

(It's just that I've had a long, wonderful, tiring weekend. I'm surprisingly short on words tonight.)

Thank you guys so much for helping and caring. We'll be building June 26-28th. Any and all locals are welcome to join us.

Finally, I have the Absolutely Avocados winners:

Becca May 22, 2014 at 12:24 PM
I would love to win this! I used to not know anything about the avocado but now since I can get them at Aldi for 30 cents I am trying to figure out how to use this outside of tons of guac every week!

jodyfoznot May 22, 2014 at 2:05 PM
Avocados are my favorite! I like my guac chunky just like my babies. Oh, recently, I decided to chop a mango and toss those orange bits of sweetness in right with the cilantro and lime not skimp on either!--so yummy! Forget the chips, just grab a spoon!

Lissa May 23, 2014 at 8:54 AM
I'm entering your giveaway because cookbooks are my thing! Anything with guacamole makes it my thingier! And I'm on a spending cleanse so I can't just grab it on amazon! I promise you I would cook from this book and love every second! It would, indeed, make my summer. :)
Send me an email with your info, Homgirls! (shannandmartin@gmail)
I loved seeing I'm not the only one in full-on avocado hysteria. 

We have another full week coming our way here. Fun company and big-time projects.
What's on your agenda?