Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Art of Thrifting

Wednesday afternoon, after a really busy morning, I had exactly 1 hour to kill before picking Silas up from school. Since I was already over on the side of town with civilization and because it's the beginning of the month (i.e. our monthly paycheck hadn't yet evaporated), I was tempted to run into Target.

The problem with Target is, I absolutely know without question that I won't make it out of the store unscathed. I can't not buy stuff in there. And it's usually great stuff, but it's almost never stuff I really need. For this reason, I usually avoid Target like the plague.

But on Wednesday, with the sun shining on my face and under the spell of silence, that familiar feeling washed over me. Who knows what I might find?

Heading toward the Big Red Bullseye, I passed the Goodwill store. And caught the sign, 40% off every Wednesday.

I cranked the wheel and lost the next 30 minutes rummaging around.
It was the best kind of fun.
90% of what my kids wear these days is second-hand. This was such a great reminder that second-hand isn't second-best. It's first best! Because it's cute stuff and it's practically free. Some of my favorite kiddo things have been thrifted. Maybe it's the thrill of the hunt? The surprise factor? The quirk factor? 

I sometimes miss the days of ordering things from Mini Boden or Crew Cuts or even just shopping around at Old Navy.

This just doesn't make sense for us anymore, for lots of reasons, one of which is the fact that the community we're now in doesn't value a perfectly turned-out school-kid. I sort of love it.

Do I still buy things I don't really need? Uh...absolutely.
Do I waste money on stuff I don't love enough? Yes.

But these days, finding a spare hour to do a little adventuring and walking away with some great stuff is a Win/Win.

Here's what I came home with:

For me:
J Crew pj pants
A strange tank top covered in fish (brand is VanessaVirginia and it has a distinctly Anthro look, which isn't necessarily my "thing" anymore, but it could be for around $1.50)
Navy t-shirt involving pigeons, a bike, and a Union Jack. SCORE!

For Rubes:
Pink and white gingham sundress (looks brand new)
Old Navy skirt
Gap Kids parrot tank
Disney Minnie Mouse sweatshirt

Also.... LA Gear running shoes!
(Ruby wants to start running with Cory this Summer....he's saying he's going to start up again?)

A boot planter. Or vase?
I don't know, because it has a tiny hole in the bottom.
But I love it dearly and it cheers me up.

4 rolls of vintage "Just Married" ribbon. Made in West Germany. :)
I have no idea, but I couldn't resist.

2 vintage Morton Salt mugs!!!

And this guy. He's perfect to store baker's twine!
Not that I have baker's twine...or that I'll ever possibly need baker's twine....

(See, these are the kinds of traps I'm prone to fall into.)

The clincher: I got ALL THIS STUFF for...wait for it...

$18! (Entire store was 40% off and I had a $5 off coupon.)

You cannot possibly beat it.

Viva la thrift-store!