Monday, April 28, 2014

On-the-Cheap Magazine Flower Garland

I feel like it's no secret that I'm a garlandy sort of girl.

I blame my garlands for the fact that many of you have accused me over the years of being "crafty". I keep trying to tell you, I'm not that crafty! I'm garlandy! My ridiculous paper escapades may have even played a role in landing me squarely in the hilariously-unqualified territory of "Craft Helper" at the famously fun Whatever Craft Weekend.

I clearly know my way around a stack of magazines and a heart-shaped paper punch, but do not ever ask me to thread a bobbin unless you have an emergency inhaler handy and you don't mind sharing.

The garlands. I can't quit them.
A couple times a year, I get a crazy hair to make one, usually reinventing it from a garland of yore.

My newest magazine flower garland evolved over the years from this to this to this (flip to page 20).

The same batch of heart "flowers"* that graced the wreath I made for Layla's e-zine, wearing pennies in their middles, were taped to a length of basic white thread.

For the centers of these flowers, I cut pom-poms from a left-over bit of pom-pom trim and hot glued them to the middles.

I am convinced that nothing livens up a space faster (or more inexpensively) than a garland.
(Other than maybe salsa. Or my kiddos hopped up on Easter candy.)

Instant cheer! Automatic color and pattern!

And all it cost me was a stack of trash-bound catalogs and magazines, some scrap pom poms, a stapler, a hot glue gun, and 20 minutes of my time.

If you squint when you look at it, you almost don't even notice my dirty dishes!

So, there. There's my suggestion for today, especially if it's as rainy for you as it us for us.

Happy Monday, Party People!

ps - Someone more sensible and savvy than I sent me the direct link to my Midwest Living story. Check it out if you want to see the old girl sans dirty dishes.

*For full directions on how to make the flowers, go here and flip to page 20.
All you really do is punch hearts from a magazine, then fold them in half then unfold. Staple a few of them together at their center. (I used around 5 hearts for each flower.) To "fluff" your flowers, just re-pinch the fold-line.