Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Spring Essentials

If you wonder why I can't stop waxing poetic about Spring's lazy arrival, it's only because it feels like I'm greeting an old childhood friend, like that new girl from 5th grade who had the nerve to show up wearing eye shadow and didn't stay for long, but whose memory still makes me smile.

(I'd still set a place for you at my table, Stacy. I quite like nervy girls.)

These days, the weather is drippy and impetuous.
Coldish and breezyish.
I'm doing my best to enjoy April as-is.

Under her influence, I'm a wild optimist, a risky dreamer, a friend of the rainy day.

My Spring Essentials

~ Ratty jeans and cardi (we're lucky to crack 50 most days) 

~ Enough black and gray to remind myself it's not summer yet

~ Punchy umbrella

~ A fashionABLE  scarf, bearing a perfect pop of lilac

~ All-seasons jewelry

~ Traffic-stopping (optometrist-annoying) rain boots

** fashionABLE  recently released the best batch of springy scarves! This one is my new favorite, but I say that all the time. :) They're offering free shipping through Monday with the code "flowerpatch". Scoop some up for Mother's Day or for the most rad end-of-school teacher gift ever.

(I'm more inclined than ever to believe our teachers deserve the moon or a field of one thousand daisies or keys to all the cities or one of Duchess Kate's weirdest hats. Or, you know, a hand-made-in-Ethiopia scarf.)

Lastly, I offer to you a quick glimpse into my springtime state-of-mind, music ed.

Every season needs a play-list, and mine happens to be, uh, retro.

Off the top of my head, these are 5 of the happiest songs of my former, quickly retreating youthfulness:

Michael Franti - Say Hey
Jon Secada - Just Another Day
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
SheDaisy - Passenger Seat
Freedy Johnston - Bad Reputation

Am I missing anything? What's your must-have for Spring? What's the song that makes you happy no matter what? Tell me everything.

*fashionABLE links are affiliate links