Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Kitchen is a Total Diva

Smack-dab in the middle of an ordinary, slightly-strange day...

...this little bit of happiness blooms.

My kitchen is in this month's Midwest Living mag. 
You know I'm fond, fond, fond of all kinds of magazines, right?

As much as I've never held this sort of thing as a goal, it was a lot of fun.
(Except for the part where I felt the need to scrub my kitchen to within an inch of its life.)

The story was supposed to run next summer, but something changed and they asked if they could bump the shoot up to February, with roughly a 10 day notice. So, we did! As usually happens, we were shooting a summer story in the dead of a polar vortex winter.

There was so much snow piled up outside. Everyone trudged in wearing gigantic snow boots.

The stylist (Sara Reimer) and photographer (Werner Straube) were amazingly kind and interesting and down-to-earth. It was a long day (10 hours!) but such an interesting and fun experience.

One of my favorite things is that they didn't bring in many props, other than food. Several times, Sara asked me, "Is this something your family would actually eat?" I loved it. I loved that she was committed to keeping us real and authentic.

Hi, Siley!

We got our wires crossed a bit and I didn't realize they wanted a kiddo in a shot. Cory and I unanimously agreed that Silas would be the least camera-shy and natural, so we ran down the street and grabbed him from school.

He was, uh, not happy that we made him leave his Happiest Place on Earth.

He wouldn't smile for any of the pictures.
There were tears.
And bribes.
Everyone was probably thinking, "This is your most camera-ready child?"

But they rolled with it, because they're normal, awesome people.

In the end, he smiled for exactly 9/10ths of a second. And they caught it! And it looks ridiculously genuine, which profoundly illustrates the power of media.

Later in the day, after school was over, he was all smiles and a million questions. (Ruby ended up with a last-minute cameo, too.)

If you want a closer look, go grab the June issue of Midwest Living. I'll save you the leg-work and tell you Walgreens is your best bet. (Cory discovered this on a wild goose chase yesterday.)

Meanwhile, I'm filing this experience under Life Almost Never Makes Sense Anymore and heading in to tackle the dishes piled up in my messy, well-loved kitchen.

Happy Tuesday!

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