Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Monday Miracle and Love for Yo Mamas

Guys. I spoke last night at a Women's banquet at the church where Cory grew up. And I didn't even fall into the ugly cry. What does this mean????? I was shocked. I got quavery a few times, but halleluyer, I might be getting a bit more stable when it comes to telling my story!

I was completely wrung out afterwards. Maybe it's an introvert thing? I don't know. When I got home last night, I only had enough energy to sit on the couch eating pie while Cory told me jail stories. I really love speaking. I'm the most wrong introvert in all the land. I told someone last week, "I'm an introverted people-person". That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I shared about my bombshell family, and the way God keeps pulling us together in strange and wonderful ways. I always get a little nervous when I speak. I always think afterwards about things I wish I had said or things I didn't expect to say. It's hard not to do a little hindsight obsessing. But my prayer is always that God will be made known among us, despite my failings and the awkward way I stand at the podium. (But that's a whole nother thing.)

I dragged my friend Jolene along with me. She's my local Noonday Ambassador, a new friend of mine, and I'm just growing to really love that funny lady. She's my kind of people.

It's so fun to introduce the awesomeness of Noonday to the locals. I'm passionate about championing organizations that have amazing products and accomplish the broader goal of serving our global sisters in meaningful ways. Noonday just added a new tab to their site detailing the impact of our purchases in the lives of their employees. Win/Win/Win/Winning all the time!

Since I have yet another trunk show open, I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to order again. Think Mother's Day! :) If you do want to order, go here then put "Shannan Martin" in the section "Trunk Show Name" at the end.

I tried on a few more pretties last night. Hand to heart, I would wear every single thing Noonday makes. 

Aida Necklace

This is one that I keep being drawn to. It's made in Uganda and has a bit of a different look than the stuff I usually go for first. The colors are light and pretty and it has a delicate feel. Plus wood beads! It has wood beads. (My friend Erin will tell you that I've always had a fondness for wood-crafted jewelry.)

If you're having trouble narrowing down what you like best, please allow me to recommend All of the necklaces. 

Was that helpful??

I'm also digging these staple earrings, made in Peru. When I wear a wild necklace, I like to keep my earrings really simple, but I don't actually have simple earrings, so I usually default to naked lobes. These would fix that kind of scandal, but quick.

Cubed Studs, Gold

While I'm at it, my other love, fashionABLE has put together some fun bundles for Mother's Day, pairing one of their scarves with a Miriam Designs necklace. For one super-rad price,  your purchase will provide opportunity to an Ethiopian woman and a woman in the Nashville area, fighting her way out of a life of addiction.

This stuff is a no-brainer, which is exactly why I can't stop yammering about it.

Go here to order from Noonday and here for fashionABLE.

As for me, I have a luxurious day of grocery shopping and laundry before me. I get to hang with my littlest homeboy, who at the moment is busy hauling his "desk" from the basement up to his bedroom. We'll be listening to this cd all day, because the lyrics drip redemption and because Siley thinks Ellie is "so cute". (First crush, and it is a DOOZY!)

I think I'm making risotto for the second time in my life tonight. I'll keep you posted on that.

Happy Tuesday, Homies!