Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Minute Updates and Major Cute

Good morning!

I'm getting ready to leave for Ohioooo in just a few. My Papa was finally released from the hospital yesterday. So thankful for that. But it'll be a while before he's back to his old self.

I'm going in for reinforcements, armed with many bags of food and the hopes that I'll be a distraction at worst, entertaining at best. I'm realistic about my skill-set.

In the meantime, I went to another Noonday party last night.
I know.

I can't quit this stuff. Every time I hear more about their mission, I fall more in love with it. We watched a video of a Ugandan family who used to be destitute, without food on their table. After partnering with Noonday, this family now owns their own home, a car, and employs over 100 people from their community. By spreading the word and funneling our desire for "cute" into something with meaning and purpose, *we* have changed the landscape of this village. Makes me cry!

If you haven't seen their new Spring collection, have a look.

Bloomed Trio Bracelet

This is what I ordered. It is SO swoony in person and fits so well. Amor! Amor!

If you're interested in ordering through my homegirl Timi's trunk show, just write "Timi" in the section "Trunk Show Name" at check-out.

From what I hear, internet is spottier than usual on the homefront, so I may be out-of-pocket for a few days, whatever that means.

Appreciate the prayers for my dad and hope everyone's Wednesday is shaping up to be a fun one.
We're getting more snow here, which is FANTASTIC not at all!

*I'm not a Noonday affiliate and don't make a penny from your purchases. I just really believe in what they're doing and wanted to share with my buddies. (<< that would be you)


  1. Beautiful piece from Noonday - love the difference they are making (and a way I can buy a piece of jewelry without guilt..). Continued prayers for your Dad.

  2. Safe travels and healing and great fellowship time.

  3. So glad he is doing well enough to go home. Have fun caring for and entertaining him. Try some tap dancing. ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing

    Prayers for your dad and safety traveling!

  5. Hope your papa heals rapidly

    and please please stop tempting us with noonday bling unless you can convince those homies to deliver to Australia - Stat!

  6. Safe travels and prayers for your Dad. You will be the balm that will sooth his soul, I am sure.

  7. Very best wishes for your dad.

    A joke for your journey:
    What's round on the end and high in the middle? Ohio!!!

  8. i'm sure you'll be good medicine for your papa!~

    a few days behind you in heading to good ole ohio. cincy for me!
    visiting parents too and a mama that's not dong so well. {ms}
    so hard watching our parents get older and their health fail, isn't it?
    i thought parents were ageless. : )

    safe travels and warm hugs!