Friday, March 14, 2014

Calvin's Extreme Make-Over



It's been a busy couple of weeks for our middlest homeboy.

I can't stop staring at his handsome mug. He's so excited about his glasses.

And because I simply cannot stop repeating this story, you shouldn't be exempt.
I volunteered in C's classroom on Monday, which also happened to be his first day at school with his new specs. The kids were at Computer Lab when I arrived, so his teacher and I chatted a bit. She told me how much she loved his new glasses, then pointed to hers and said, "These are totally fake." I mean, she looked super cute in them, but it surprised me that a 3rd grade teacher would bother wearing cute/fake glasses to work. Then she added, "I wear them sometimes because so many of my kids wear glasses." (9 of them!)

Have you ever, in your life, heard of anything more heart-pinching than that?
I love my life. Love it, love it.

Happy weekend, guys.
I'm taking the train to Chicago early tomorrow morning with multiple jelly jars of salsa in my pocketbook.

(And Calvin has his first Tae Kwan Do competition on Saturday!)