Sunday, March 9, 2014


So, it seems the heavens might be relenting.
Knock on wood.

It seems the atmosphere is lifting just a bit, allowing us the tiniest glimpse of hope that we've survived, or at least almost.

And for all our angst and our vitamin D-deficient mood swings, the ground below us is breaking through and we just can't stay mad for long. This is no time for grudge-holding.

So we roll our shoulders and stretch our necks.
This is the season of adventuring. And we rise to the challenge.

Two weeks ago we had a lone, misplaced day. 40 degrees and sunny, sandwiched right between two heel-ends of frigid gray. Calvin spent the afternoon complaining it was "too hot" to wear his coat. Silas kept asking when we could go swimming. Ruby donned three different prints and her too-small jacket, "I'm wearing it because it reminds me of sand."

Then we all trucked downtown for $1 tacos, heaped up with onions and cilantro.

This is when we're at our best, somehow. We can hunker down with the best of them, and we do. But we've fallen victim to the splendor of chucking our agenda and making tacos when the sun shines.

It's official - we were made for this.

{My new favorite t-shirt in all the land, courtesy of House of Belonging.}

A week later, we wound our way down to Indy for a couple nights with Cory's brother and his family.

Surprise! It hit 50 degrees.
Wild luck, that's what I call that.

It was the best kind of wonderful, full of blue-sky exploring and yes, more tacos. But of course more tacos.

I'd like to interrupt this broadcast for an important announcement: I love my people.
We've all been together for almost 4 years now, and every day, we become more "us". Also, we become more in-sync and travel-friendly.

We have our fair share of "days" (you know the ones), but the smooth patches are finally giving the rough ones a run for their money, and it feels good for the scales to fall into line. I don't mind batting 500 one single bit.

Dear Silas,
I'm glad you asked to pose for this photo.
Your Asian stoicism really rings through here.
If I didn't know better, I'd never imagine you to be the silly monkey that you are.
I like your ankles very much.

ps - But could we cool it on the "poop" talk??

The next couple of months offer loads of Adventuring.
I'll be in Chicago with my #blogABLE homies, then in Dallas with my Hope Spoken homies, then in Ohio with my Buckeye homies.

So many good things. So much fun, the scenery all switched up.

I'm trying to trust myself not to wish it all away once it's here, pining for these long days when there was no point at all in leaving.

I'll have to keep you posted on that.

For now, I want to embrace the adventure that is my very own life, knowing full well that some days adventuring means the click of an airplane seat-belt, and some days it means Buffalo Wild Wings with my friend of 20 years. (Twenty. 20! Say what??!)

Some days it means fine-tuning just enough drama to keep the shorties engaged.

All the days it means holding the small pieces of this life between my much-too-large hands and praying I never stop seeing it as a gift to keep them.

It's March, Darlings. Let's be Adventurers.