Saturday, March 1, 2014

24 Free Ways to Ward Off Grumpy Cooped-Updom

1. Switch Purses
I haven't bought a new purse in over four years (though I've got my eye on one!). I rotate the same 3 or 4 bags from my "collection" (ha). Hand to heart, I always get a little rush from pulling a different one out. A sense of newishness - for zero dollars!

2. Hang Different Art
The one thing I buy for our home more than anything else is art for the walls. I buy 90% from thrift stores or flea markets with some one-of-a-kind canvas art thrown in for good measure. When things get boring or dreary up in here, I pull something off the wall and hang something different. The most it will cost you is another nail hole in the wall, but I usually find a way to use the same hole.

3. Invite someone over for tomato soup and grilled cheese and tell them to wear their sweats.

4. Bake something with yeast.
This week I made a batch of this and this.

5. Do something you enjoy but that you're not skilled at. (See picture above.)
I can't tell you how freeing it is! Silas and I spent an hour messing around with paint. It was messy and colorful and quiet, with no pressure to perform.

6. Listen to the Leeland station on Pandora.

7. Read a book set in a season other than Winter.
I'm reading this.

8. Make your bed.
Just do it. You have no idea.

9. Daydream about your garden and commit some of it to paper.

10. Read Esther.
(Scandal! Impalings! Secrecy! Beauty treatments!)

11. Take a legit nap.
In your bed, with the fan on.

12. Read out loud to the kids.
We're reading this. What an adventure and so close to our hearts!

13. Eat salsa for lunch.

14. Watch Cosby Show reruns.
(Ruby has a crush on Theo.)

15. Send some good mail.

16. Shower, get properly dressed, and dab perfume on your wrists.
But don't touch the hair dryer or mascara, because that's just crazy talk.

17. Run out for milk in sneakers instead of your Polar Vortex snow boots.

18. Put all your fruit or veggies in a big bowl and sit it on your counter like a work of art.

19. Paint a picture of said fruit bowl with your shorties.

20. Buy a Groupon as an act of faith that you will, one day, leave the house again.
And when you do? It'll be "free"!

21. Swap magazines with a friend. 
Holla, Sarah! (I'm well aware my contributions are bleak.)

22. Paint your fingernails or someone else's.
(Keep the toes in wool and paint them another, warmer day.)

23. Light a candle that doesn't smell like cinnamon, vanilla, or fir trees.
We're sniffing this one.

24. Discover a new favorite band.
Loving these people.

Tell me what I missed!

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