Monday, February 17, 2014

Perks of Having a Dumb Phone

I just closed out one of the more fulfilling, restful weekends I've had in a very long time. And I'm fully convinced that you guys are responsible for launching me into the awesomeness that it was.

Your comments on my last post still have me feeling all cuddly and loved. So for real. You gave me goose bumps all the live-long day. You cracked me up and made me feel weepy and newborn on the inside. In this weird cyber-world where everyone is always looking for the next big thing, trying to connect with the Person du Jour, trying to climb up and out and over, I just want you to know for sure that you are my home. I don't need anyone else in the stratosphere. You're just *it*.

Further completing this magical weekend of bliss is the fact that I didn't touch the computer for nearly 48 hours. It wasn't really intentional, I just stepped away for a bit and then sort of spaced it. I didn't need it, didn't want it. (And then there's the simple fact that after so long, the act of returning is a bit daunting.)

It was so good to take a time-out and just full-on putter. Weekends are often good for this sort of thing, but I'm usually checking my email a few times, reading blogs or blog comments, looking up a recipe, catching up, catching up, realizing it's impossible to ever catch up. So this time, I didn't even try.

For all the times I poke fun at my Dumb Phone, this never could have happened with a smarter one. There are absolutely situations where being better-connected might make my world a bit more seamless, a little easier to navigate. But I just really dig being able to sink down into my life, now and then, without that added distraction.

Also, it's cheaper, which means you can order salsa and chips from the place in town a couple times a month, buy a magazine or two, and splurge on goat cheese. All of which are so much higher on the priority list than being reachable at all times by all the people.

I know I'm in the minority here. Cory recently ended his 3-month stint without a Smart Phone and it very nearly killed him. I guess I just want to add my voice to the crowd on this one. You don't have to hop that ship. There's plenty of room here in my little lifeboat. :)

A few glimpses of my weekend:

Favorite new combo: Jail stripes + Pinstripes

We went on such a super-rad V-day date. Since we didn't buy gifts this year, we splurged and hired a sitter and went to our favorite restaurant in town, not even a mile down the street. As good fortune would have it, the special was Brussels Sprout Pizza!!!!

Then we went to the coffee shop and sat in peace, talking about important things. I had Peach Cobbler Coffee Cake and dog-eared the liver out of one of my favorite mags. We were home by 8, at which time we put on our fat pants and watched this movie, which sounds like one of those crude, frat boy flicks, but totally wasn't. It was a thoughtful little indie movie, starring Nick Miller in a beard, and the other-worldly-gorgeous Olivia Wilde.

Incidentally, this was my Valentine to Cory (one of the funniest scenes of the season and a perfect encapsulation of what makes this show so watchable):

Reading: There is No Me Without You by Melissa Fay Greene
(Can't stop. Won't stop.)

Listening: Ellie Holcomb's new release, As Sure as the Sun
(Ellie was one of my travel-mates to Ethiopia and her new album is all the Summer-day a girl could ask for. Also, Silas is obsessed with it. He likes the lady singers.)

Eating: Haphazard chicken tortilla soup

* I threw 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts into the slow cooker along with 2 cans fire roasted diced tomatoes, 2 cans of corn, 2 cups chicken broth, 1 chopped onion & 3 cloves chopped garlic (softened up a bit in a skillet, first), 1 large can of peeled & diced green chilies, 2 tsp chili powder, 3 tsp cumin, salt, and pepper. I cooked it on low for 3-4 hours, then shredded the chicken. The next day, I added 2 more cups of broth and brought it all to a boil then simmered it for a good while, adding the juice of a lime and tweaking the spices. (Full disclosure: the soup was missing a little something, so I threw in half a packet of that dry Hidden Valley ranch dip. It helped!)
We topped it with diced avocado, cheese, sour cream, and crumbled tortilla chips. DELISH!


Avery Grace (aka Avis, aka Averson)
(I sort of want to eat her teeth. Is that weird?)

Keeping company with:

Watching: Which Way Home
(I'm having trouble shaking this documentary. I may have more to say about it sometime soon.)

We also went to see the Lego movie, our first-ever family movie date! (what???!)
In true Martin family style, we got the time wrong, missing the first 5 minutes and sitting IN THE FRONT ROW. But the flick is proving to be infinitely-quotable among the shorter stack.

I also went to church (the two cutie grandmas behind me invited me to come back a pew and sit with them - swoony!), made dessert, took two naps, ate a gallon of salsa, and went to bed early. Twice.


What was your highlight?


  1. Friday night in with rib eye steaks and a bottle of wine I had been "saving" for absolutely no reason. Then the movie "About Time". I HIGHLY recommend it.
    Saturday Joshua Tree National Park with awesome boulders and hiking and cactus and landscape then leftover steak at home from the night before and finishing off that saved bottle of wine. Another movie - "Last Vegas", can't recommend that one.
    Sunday Breaking Bad 1st Season. Yep. We finally boarded that train.
    Also feeling uplifted from your pay it forward Valentine post. Smiled and felt immensely loved all weekend from it.

  2. Can I just say THANK YOU for the dumb phone solidarity? I am one of approximately three people at my college who have not succumbed to the smart phone pressure, and I (mostly) like it. I love that someone else also appreciate the few perks that dumb phone life brings! (On a side note, I very much enjoy your pattern mixing.)

  3. Not only is my phone dumb, most of the time it isn't even charged. I love it that way. I live better that way.

    What am I watching? Thanks to you, I boarded the New Girl train and immediately fell in love.

    What am I listening too? Would you believe I was listening to Ice Ice Baby. That's right, Vanilla Ice on Pandora, baby. What can I say? I needed to dance. My kids were not impressed.

    What am I reading? Just finished War of Art. Read it ASAP if you're writing that book!

    What was our Valentine fun? Painting the living room. I know, right! We know how to have a good time!

    Sorry I missed the Valentine's post fun around here. Could have used some of that love!!!

  4. Shannan, I missed out on the VDay love but am so glad to come here and read about your weekend! I had so many highlights this weekend, one of which was seeing a dear friend get married on the cusp of turning 40. I could hardly hold it together as she walked down the aisle with her mom. She lost her dad a few years back, and her only brother several years before that. Such sweetness to see her family grow yesterday. And part of being at that wedding was seeing lots of dear friends we don't see much, our former pastor, having ONE NIGHT IN A HOTEL with my honey, and having hotel sheets and towels. Sigh. Oh, and eating good pizza for the first time in 18 months (missed that). It was a good one.

  5. We've been dealing with the stomach bug all week and the weekend was just full of rest, cuddles on the couch and naps, okay well just one nap but it was divine!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brand new sheets! Lusciousness!

  7. Highlight= a weekend out of the hospital! I pulled 2 emergency room all nighters with 3 different family members this week, and we're finally all home and in full on recovery mode over here. My Mom is really sick as always, and was in the hospital 4 different times this week, and just to spice things up, my 2 sisters got hit by a car while walking down our street. It's just so lovely to have everyone home and on the mend. Deep sighs and thankfulness that they will eventually get better and we are home together :)

  8. You are just so dang cute! I would have been one of those grandmas asking you to sit by me. Glad you had a break and I love New Girl, too. Funny.

  9. Celebrating the 25th birthday of my girl. I was 25 when I had her, the one who made me a mama. I'll cry if I dwell on it. ;)
    Guess what her husband bought her for her birthday? A smart phone. Guess what I have? A dumb flip phone without a texting plan. Yep. I'm right there with you. Maybe even a little farther back in the line.

  10. Amen sister! I am with you on the dumb phones.

  11. you're really good with stripes. also, you make me wanna have a dumb phone.

  12. Amen on the dumb phone love. Also, be honest. Is "Everything is Awesome!" running through your head day and night? 'Cuz ever since we took our boys to the Lego movie it's been running through mine!

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  14. Highlight has been being in Burkina Faso meeting one of our Compassion kiddos! Trying to get to Ghana to meet one more, but the flight was canceled yesterday. Trying again today, but it promises to be long and uncertain! Claiming Psalm 18:1

  15. I have a dumb phone. I refuse to spend the extra money. Unfortunately, my teen is in that boat with me since my husband got a smart phone for work and abandoned ship. I would seriously get NOTHING DONE ANYWHERE. I have enough trouble having my laptop in the livingroom with me.

  16. OK, I'm going to post twice. I had a re-built phone for $30 which was fine by me. I gave my upgrade to my daughter who let hers get stolen. But, then I got a FREE upgrade (my husband's) and got a $600 phone (they tell me). So I could have paid $30 for another used cell or pay nothing and get the phone that all my kids are jealous of. When it came in the mail all my kids were in shock and thought it was such a waste for "me" to have such a nice phone since they knew I would never learn how to use.

  17. First of all, I'm totally in your life-boat. I need to NOT have a smartphone. Too much! I'm an introvert, I need my space! Secondly, wanting to eat teeth is weird...but I understand... Love your post...a lot!

  18. i dont plan to ever have a smart phone on purpose! i see so many people living on their phones and missing life around them! this can also be done with blogging and the internet in general. im going to continue to paddle upstream in my lifeboat:)

  19. trying on cowboy boots at the local farm and feed store. yeehaw! and the hubs went out and got he and the kiddos burgers on sunday night so i didn't have to cook. i love that man!!!!!

    loving the stripes combo shannan girl!

  20. the pop of pink in your outfit just makes it all RIGHT!

  21. Love you, love your stripes, love your salsa, just everything. I just got a smart phone a few weeks ago and I'm paying LESS than I was with my dumb phone thanks to this plan called Page Plus... So far it's worked out great. But having a dumb phone isn't so bad either. I sort of don't like feeling so "connected" now. Anyway, keep rocking it girl!

  22. the more that you quote Jessica Day, and swoon over grannies in the pews, the more i regret erasing my embarassing #fangirl tweets to you. salsa & nick miller forever. ♥

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