Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm Gone

I've come to the conclusion that James Taylor wrote Carolina in My Mind in February.
And quite possibly at a beat-up blue desk somewhere in Northern Indiana.

Friday was our 10th school cancellation this winter.

Let's pause for a moment of reflection.


I just want some green, man.
A vast, sweeping elimination of all the white.

The good news? It was sunny today.
The bad? -800 degree windchill.
Or something around there.

In my mind, I'm gone to Carolina.
Or Florida.

Heck, I'm in Sochi. (It's really just a lateral move at this point, and I could get my "green" fix via Lithuania from the warmth of a Taipei snuggie.)

Since I've mentally checked out from my geographical reality, I thought I'd share some pics from last Summer that I never got around to sharing. For therapeutic purposes.

See that?
It's called grass.
It's called bare knees on the small humans.

We're all so relaxed and alive.
Can't you just see the sunshine?
(Ain't it just like a friend of mine, to hit me from behind?)

Here's a short list of things I'm pining for:

Flowers and other signs of life.
Walks and bike rides.
Warm cheeks.
Unfrozen nose hairs.

 Also, bare toes.
(I'm cryin', ain't I?)

Dark and silent late last night Cory and I walked to our van and I almost face-planted on a patch of ice, my vision partially impaired by the large, crystallized cloud of my own brittle breath.

To my right, there was a patio set where only the very tops of the chairs were visible.

To my left? Just a lot of snow.
Just, everywhere.

Signs that might be omens say I might not survive 6 more weeks of this.

It seems like it goes on like this forever.

You must forgive me if I'm up and gone to anywhere even slightly warmer than here in my mind.

I'm gone, I'm gone.

Say nice things about me. And lock your doors if you live in a warmer climate, because you just never know when I might turn up.