Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Because happiness usually can't be bought...

But, sometimes... just can, man.

Hi. Hello!
I have so many things I want to say here. So many things to yammer about, so little time!
I'm working on a big writing project (people, I'm finally writing a non-fiction book!) and I decided a month ago that I was putting myself on house arrest (it's a theme around here) every Wednesday and Friday until it was done. (These are my only 2 writing days.)  (Theoretically.)

And then school was canceled or we had a major event every single Wednesday and Friday since then.

I'm not getting a lot done, but as a wise friend told me, every day I'm just living more of life, adding to the big proverbial pot where all my stories and words are kept.

Last night, I prayed that God would carve a place inside me for his words to land. These things always seem much less profound when it's daylight and I have some Earl Gray and Taco Bell in me, but it still holds true, even without the extra half-asleep melodrama. I'm just needing those words right now, and needing a place for them to fall.

The pot is filling and soon it'll spill. Heaven help me, this snow will probably still be piled up around me like promises kept and broken, but all the same, I'll start writing them down. Some of my words are for you right here, and some will be for a different time and place.

Until then, let's all just keep on living this life we've been given, whatever it happens to be on a given day. Let's keep turning away from the idea that we have much say in any of it, and instead choose to see it as the very thing we need, even when it feels like the opposite.

Some other free happies for today:

Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple 
I'm profoundly addicted to this book. It's my favorite read so far of 2014. (I've read almost 8 books already. Thanks, snow!) I won't trouble you again with my philosophy on books, just consider yourself warned if you fall on the sensitive spectrum of readers. All I can tell you is that I gobbled this one up in 2 days, flat. It was highly entertaining and unusual and, I daresay, spoke to me at one point so poignantly about my faith. It turns out God can find me in a book with the s-word.

The Stanley Clan
Becca is my homegirl. When certain troubles pop up, she's my SOS text message, because she feels like the person most likely to understand, in all the land. But you should get to know her because her prose will send you into a permanent fit of goose bumps. The girls speaks so much truth dressed in so much beauty. She's also my go-to source for new favorite bloggers and reads (like this one), most of whom bend toward issues of justice and poverty.

Shannan + Cory : Our Love Story
I stumbled on this post I wrote last year for Danielle Burkleo. It seems fitting to share it again now, in this, the High Season of Swoonery. For those of you who may have missed it the first time.

Dig this Chick
Hang out with my friend, Nici. She makes me want to pretend to be a hippie some days. We're the same but different. You will love her.

And find tons of other stuff I'm loving for free right here on Pinterest.