Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Daze

This is what it looks like out the window into our back yard.
We were stupid brave enough to attempt a shot out the front door, but that involved opening the door, which led to our immediate and forceful crystallization.

We didn't even go out. Just opened, and clicked.
And we very nearly perished, engulfed by a raging gust of frozen death air.

In lieu of self-inflicted cryogenics, this was simply the best we could do :: picnic table, knee deep.

About the picnic table? I don't know. There's the problem of the over-filled garage. And then there's also problem of our intermittent lack of both planning and general seasonal gusto.

But the real, over-arching problem is, I'm in hour 80ish of not leaving the house.

Let's pause for a moment of silence.

We've stayed fairly busy in our sequestering.

There's been an abundance of reading and crafting.
Building and cleaning.
Singing and griping.

We've been eating quite well, all thanks to the ninjas, the Snow Whites, and Kroger. (Love you so much, Kro-Kro!) I may get a bit of credit, too, but don't ask Robert, because he's not "into" food made of actual food.

Just accept that this is what I've looked like for 80-odd hours and get on with it.
There's no show here, people.

Robert enjoyed his first-ever game of Candyland last night.
And if I think on that too long, well, I'll get verklempt.
And he seemed to like it, which means it was his first-ever game.
He thought the surprise candy cards were downright whimsical.

Cory fled the premises this morning, seeking asylum at the County jail.

Mostly, we've survived the storm with minimal teeth-gnashing. But cooped up is as cooped up does, and I was nervous about yet another day. I wanted to end this stretch well, knowing as clearly as the nose on my face that I would look back and regret it if we didn't at least try to live it up a little.

So today, in a courageous attempt to thwart any possibilities of collective, imminent demise, I pulled out all the fun stops.

These so-called "fun stops" included the following: Oatmeal with chocolate chips and peanut butter (set the breakfast bar low, Mamas!), plenty of books and cartoons, a Mexican fiesta in the living room for lunch, complete with Pandora Mariachi music (they weren't impressed. why???) and ice cream sundaes.


It's official :: Art is the ultimate unifier.

My people love to make an artsy mess. It was the nicest hour we've had with Silas in, well, 80-odd hours. He was all sharing his paints and passing around his wooden blocks like a tiny Kiwanian with a bag of parade-route penny candy.

They were complimenting each other's work. It was insane.

Sometimes, there were slim stretches of actual silence.

Later, we rallied ourselves into Not-Pajamas, baloney boats for dinner (it had to be done) (another first for Robert!) a new hairdo for Rubes, a few more books for good measure, and the kids' first episode of Diff'rent Strokes. (I daresay they learned more from 30 minutes with the Drummonds than they did from three Little Golden Books.)

See how we rocked this blizzard?!!

Except, they cancelled school again for Wednesday. 
I don't understand. I just. I can't.

I'm scheduled to be at the gynecologists office at 10:15 and I'm looking forward to the break.

I keep wondering what it will feel like to breathe unencumbered oxygen for the first time in upwards of 100 hours. I hope I remember how to blow-dry my hair and drive a car.

All I know is, we'll keep trucking.

I hope you're okay with a general lack of depth around here this week. My words have been spent in actual words and my inner introvert is crying out for a little white space to sort important things into tidy mental and emotional piles.

For now, I'll stack towels and brown chicken and wear two pairs of socks simply because it feels like the right thing to do. This gig might not always be easy, but my cooped-up days were ordered, too. And I want to do more than just survive them.

Stay thawed, rad homies.



  1. You are hilarious.
    I heard the blow dryer is pretty tricky to pick up after 100 hours of non use....I hope you will be able to figure things out.
    If not, I know the gyno will think you are just lovely despite your hair issues.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that our days are ordered. even the cooped-up ones. i've been thinking of your brood of chicks up there in the northern area of our great state. praying for you even. which reminds me of the time a lady in our sunday school asked for prayer for some ladies, then caught herself when she remembered they were characters in the book she was reading! anyway, we did a little snow play as well. my husband made snow-cream using heavy whipping cream and sugar. that was some good stuff! we've eaten well (too much) and resorted to renewing our netflix. cookie baking, house cleaning, and many prayers of gratitude for electricity, heat, socks, and blankets.

  3. oh my. i understand. we have 7 teenagers and 2 littles that need school. They were actually sad (a few actual tears) when they were told that school was cancelled for the 3rd time this week. I may have to bust out the art today.

  4. Can I send mine to you? Pretty please? He would love it. I'm a boring mama. It's 19 degrees at 8:45 in the morning in SOUTH CAROLINA, for cryin' out loud!

  5. And if I think on that too long, well, I'll get verklempt........ The perfect words to describe that moment! :-)

  6. Laughed out loud at the gyno appt comment. Seriously you need a break when even that sounds good! Your fun day sounds wonderful and I'm sure you'll pull out all the stops again today. Boloney boats? do tell...

    1. Just linked the BBs in the comments. Thanks for the reminder - I meant to do that last night, but was distracted by Homeland. :)

  7. You are so fun! I would appreciate the mariachi music, what a good idea, we eat Mexican food at least once a week.
    Being in the chicago area I can relate to being cooped up, school was supposed to be happening today until a pipe burst at school! I guess my little friend will be tagging along with me today because I am leaving this house today:)

  8. Definitely googled baloney boats and chuckled:) I finally took both of mine to school for a full day today, even the preschooler has a longer-than-normal day and I'm completely fine with admitting that I feel like a BRAND NEW PERSON. Love the photo of their feet and all of Ruby's ankle bracelet loom bands:)

  9. Ruby looks like a little Mama helping Silas bake!
    I stay in my house studying for days on end and when I finally go out I've forgotten how to do most things.
    In what order does my make up go on again?

  10. We are entering into day 4 down here in Lafayette as well. Blizzard and Polar Vortex 2014 has been sponsored by Pinterest in our house (how did my mom ever survive winters "back in the day"??). Freezing colored water in balloons, blowing bubbles out the back door, throwing boiling water into the air, suckers made with peppermints, etc. Boardgames, tons of baking/cooking, reading and netflix have kept us sane as well. As for today.....we'll see....

  11. Oh my word, I'm right there with you. Only a little further south. I just said to my girls "okay, today we are going to do two things: get dresses AND brush our hair".
    They stared at me like I was speaking gibberish.
    I might get a little crazy and work in a shower.

    A girl has got to have goals.

    Happy crafting and here's to an early spring! (Please, dear Lord).

  12. I would like to note that your green pullover matches the green stripe in your sweatpants so despite your four day hair, a small measure of civility remains.

  13. "my inner introvert is crying out for a little white space to sort important things into tidy mental and emotional piles." Oh, YES. I totally get that. :)

    Try not to hate me immediately, but I'm in California, where the weather should be about 70 degrees today. And honestly, I'm a little jealous of you. I know I would be going crazy, too, and my inner introvert would be crying by this point. But being forced to stay inside with the people you love and find fun things to do? Sounds pretty good right now. Praying you can enjoy the moments!

  14. The gyno appt made me laugh. You must really be ready to get out of the house. Your organized playdoh make me jealous. No matter how much they get, my two youngest never take care of it. I just stopped buying it,which is sad, because I love playdoh.

  15. Shannan, you are not alone in this snow days madness! Or maybe I'm the one who needed to know that. It made me feel better to read this. To top it off we are allllll sick. No fun. Lots of netflix, board games, kleenexes and tasty hot foods. Each day we change into fresh underwear and jammies. What will today bring?

  16. and to think our schools closed yesterday for cold weather.
    no snow. no ice. just cold.
    that's how we roll in the south.

  17. I laughed out loud...more than ROCK, girl, when it comes to dealing with blizzards! And I just have to say that Ruby girl is one beauty full girl!

  18. We're just a little bit south of you and I told the kids we HAVE to get dressed today! :) You gotta have goals... Haha! :)

  19. oh I feel your pain. I finally broke down today and allowed my middle to "watch tv" as long as her wanted...he lasted 1 1/2 movies lol before he got board. Here is to warmer weather soon!

  20. Different Strokes-lol-how I LOVED that show when I was a kid!!! I am impressed with how many different things you do, I end up giving up after a while to the wii or computer, my guy doesn't like tv believe it or not.
    And can we talk about your photo? All I saw was how even when the camera adds weight you have such a GREAT figure-I'm so jealous!

  21. We are on Snow/Cold Day #4 here. When I heard last night that we didn't have school again, I felt like crying. I had a very nice dentist appointment today at 10:30am. I hate going to the dentist but today it was a welcomed retreat. They even had HGTV playing the entire time. And my kids are being awesome today so last night's panic was unnecessary.

  22. We've been in here since Sunday at 11:30am. Dave just took Leo to the train museum and Kate is napping... it's like leaving without leaving. I am soooo happy.

  23. Oh my word. That was hilarious. And I can totally relate. My kids are outside right now tunneling through the huge pile of snow made from clearing our drive. I feel like it's been the weekend for 2 1/2 weeks!
    I love how you said Cory sought asylum in the county jail. That just sums it up.
    And also, we have had painting going on continuously at our house since Sunday. Can't wait to clean that up. Hope your appointment was all you hoped it would be!

  24. Too funny... I guess a blizzard with little ones would make me look forward to my GYNO appt too...! We didn't get any snow in VA just 9 degree temps for which they delayed opening the schools for 2 hours yesterday and today... I think we're a little sissy on the east coast maybe...! Keep on truckin'! I really enjoy your blog : )
    ~Heather M.

  25. I thought it sounded downright magical until baloney boats.

  26. Such good laughs!!

    You are a rock star sis!

  27. Robert...Candyland...adorable. What things we take for granted (or just hate outright, not realizing what they might mean for someone else). I remember teaching at a school where it dawned on me for the first time that while I grew up playing Authors and Shoots and Ladders and Sorry!, my students were going home and watching South Park reruns until midnight. It was like realizing we grew up on different planets. Keep mothering that boy (and feeding him food made

  28. Robert...Candyland...adorable. What things we take for granted (or just hate outright, not realizing what they might mean for someone else). I remember teaching at a school where it dawned on me for the first time that while I grew up playing Authors and Shoots and Ladders and Sorry!, my students were going home and watching South Park reruns until midnight. It was like realizing we grew up on different planets. Keep mothering that boy (and feeding him food made

  29. Just want you all to know that when they all finally DO go to school ... there's indoor recess for THREE days running. Yeah.

  30. Fellow Indianaian (not a word I'm sure) so I feel your pain girl! I have 4 kiddos and only so much creativity :) Anyhoo, where did you get the fabulous red gingham curtains? We just bought a new home and I want curtains just like those in our living room! Many many mucho thanks!

    1. Hoosier Mama, I'm so sorry. A friend made them for me, and I have no idea where she got the fabric. It's a sturdy, almost canvas-like fabric, if that helps???
      Godspeed to you! Looks like my kiddos are going back tomorrow. Holla!

  31. I love love love this post! Your house looks just like mine on snow days, and we just had 2 of them. The difference is I just gave away Candy Land & Chutes & Ladders!!!! Instead right now we have my husbands old electric trains snaking the living room floor. Has Robert ever played Chutes & Ladders? That was one of our favorites. The pic with your kids in the kitchen corner using the mixer could be of my two. Our mixer is in the exact same corner between the stove & sink, and they are always scrunched up in there with their little chairs, or a stool. And Different Strokes? One of my all time favorites. Enjoy your doctor trip tomorrow!!!

  32. I'm right here with you girl! And as a native Texan who just moved north I have resorted to putting on movie after movie for my two kiddos. Mama doesn't have the skills to hang!

  33. I know the feeling well...sounds like you've handled it pretty well! Watching the Drummonds right now with my kiddo who's been home sick today.

  34. Yeah, I'ld take a quick jaunt to the gyno after being stuck with my kids that long. God knows I love them but I can only take so much FFT(forced family time) sometimes when it is really bad there is an extra 'F'in FFT. Good luck!

  35. That picture of Ruby on the chair in the kitchen...she's so tall and thing and grown up now. Waaahhhh!

  36. "passing around his wooden blocks like a tiny Kiwanian with a bag of parade-route penny candy"
    i started laughing out loud BEFORE i finished this sentence because i KNEW it was gonna be good.
    bologna boats. you are a good woman indeed

  37. Beautiful snow...keep warm and keep sane. My daughter was hoping for a snow day today. But, the snow never came despite flushing ice cubes down the toilet, wearing her pajamas backwards and sleeping with a spoon under her pillow. Don't ask...she just heard it worked from kids at school. Myth busted.

  38. Oh my word! You are a good momma! Candyland, painting and Diff'rent Strokes... A momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do! :-) And Robert and the game gets me a little verklempt too. Have fun all by yourself at your appointment... even if it is the gyno! ;-)

  39. This is the best! My son just went back to school on Wed after sooooo many days off. For the first time in forever, we had a full 2 weeks for Christmas break and then added an extra 2 to that. No blizzard here, just beyond frigid temps. (read my pipes are STILL frozen).

    I'm dying over the CandyLand....I actually sneak those "whimsical" cards out because I just can't....

    My son also watched his first episode of Different Strokes. It was the one where a creepy guys tries to molest Arnold. I remembered it. It was so good and educational too. I'm pretty sure it was better than anything he would have learned in school on the topic.

    Anyways......hoping you enjoy your little bit of freedom!

  40. You know it's bad when the gyno appointment looks like a breath of fresh air. Yikes. We're snow free up in here, but living with bitter, bitter cold. Somehow it seems less fun without the white stuff:)

  41. We were suppose to go back Tuesday so today is Snow Day #3 and we've used up our Make-Up days. I went to the library and Walmart when my husband got home. Then got my hair cut and hit Rural King and Subway today. Thankfully, my kids are old enough to stay alone for short periods. And now it's snowing again.

  42. Ah, you folks south of the border. Friend, I shant impress (or depress) you with our ten foot drifts and minus 49 F temps (no dramatic effect here, just straight truth). We keep trucking to school and whining over the fact the tears freeze to our eyes outside like some kind of weird white mascara.

    What I LOVE about the glimpse into your snow days - is one - some of your folk's attire. I like the short sleeves (or no sleeves) it means your home is cozy, I like the artwork, I like the food, and do I ever LOVE your kids. Love 'em so much that I pray for them at the oddest times (like when my toilet plugs - because I eternally think of a post from a long time ago when we all passed the proverbial banana bread.)

    All I know is your a first class mom whose blog is one I read every single word from since I found you.

    Hoping there is a good magazine at the doctor's appt tomorrow and you get some kind of breather, even if it's in the waiting room. :)

    1. This is my favorite comment in the history of the world. There, I said it. I'm playing favorites.
      First - YOU CANADIANS. How on earth do you survive? I know we seem wimpy because I've been haughtily smh over the wimpiness of my Southern friends, which, in THIS case, is ME!
      Second - I'm cracking up that you remember the banana bread! You guys rescued me that day. I LOVED that comment thread.
      Third - It is only because of you that I haven't had to deal with another toilet catastrophe since that fateful day.

      MUCH love.

  43. Seriously, Robert has never played Candy Land? Well, glad he now has. : - )

  44. Oh my GOSH! I LOVE the pic of your big tough boy playing Candyland with your Littles. And you're so right - the fact that he liked it means it was his first game. Wait till he plays it ad nauseam, right?! Are you still locked inside? Everytime we're stuck inside for days on end we make this play dough, and it causes a (good) type of hysteria and sure-fire camaraderie, because when you're mixing Kool-aid colors, somehow someone always ends up with doo-doo brown, and I'm sure you can imagine where it goes from there. . . .

  45. Robert's first game of Candyland--what fun!