Friday, January 17, 2014

Pinterest Hack - My $0 Jewelry Organizer

This isn't so much a DIY post as it is a Life is Grand and the World is Full of Inspiration So Go Grab it By the Ears and Do Something Just Because It Makes You Smile From the Inside Out. Preferably For Free.

You know how as soon as Christmas is over we all start wigging out and changing our hair and angsting about our shirts? We buy the grainy bread and do squats while the shower heats up? We decide, once and for all, that we probably don't need all those expired coupons in the junk drawer?

We become rabid self-improvement weirdos.
Our fix is a good project.

We need order in the court and the house.

(This photo is circa 2009, but sadly, things only deteriorated from here...)

December 26th came and, without warning, I suddenly knew the top of my dresser was a soulful, poetic, picture of my entire life.

The poem wasn't exactly pretty, either.

It was a little bit ee cummings, a little bit Sammy Kershaw.
Disorganized. Scattered. A howl-at-the-moon lamentation with bloodshot eyes.

I'm just saying, it was a mess. It stressed me out.

I needed a system.
I figured Cory could rig something up with a rake or knobs or you know.

So, I took to Pinterest searching "Jewelry Organizer".

Somewhere about 3 rows down, I saw something that sparked something and the rest is history.

I remembered this thing, which used to be some sort of memo board, back in 2009. (Clearly a good year for junk!)

It's one of those thing I've moved with me from house to house. I couldn't bear to part with it, yet I also couldn't find a home for it.

It's been living in the basement, with so much other stuff. (You can't even imagine the trouble I have letting go of quirky junk.)

I hauled it upstairs, and 10 minutes later, I had this.

It's my new favorite thing in the history of forever, or at least in the history of jewelry organization and thriftery and resourcefulness.

It's imperfect and there's not enough room on my dresser-top for all my stuff, but life isn't about everything lining up cleanly at the edges.

I keep staring at it.

It speaks to me.

It says, "Hey Girl, you've got a lot of necklaces."
(I don't think I have to tell you who voices my jewelry organizer.)

See this fancy business?
Push pins, circa back when I had a job and office supplies.

The Universe smiled on me in the form of rotting wood, all thanks to years spent alone in the basement, and the pins were like buttah.

So, voila.

People get all wacky about Pinterest and blogs and every dang thing. They say it makes us ungrateful and unsatisfied. It lowers our self-esteem.

I say it does the complete opposite.

This is my proof, and I'm sticking to it.

Some of my favorite jewelry sources ::
Noonday Collection
31 Bits
Lisa Leonard Designs
Garage sales/thrift stores

(LLD link is an affiliate link)


  1. I love this and it beats the ice cube trays in my drawer that keep my earrings organized!

    1. Ha! Earrings are tricky... I don't have many, but I keep mine in that old metal box-thingy on the right. It has little compartments. I think it came out of a mechanics shop or something like that? All I know is, it smelled like motor oil for the first year I owned it. :)

  2. Cute - and colorful! Loves! (I am that stereotypical Pinterest user forever pinning... but never producing. Sigh.)

  3. Beautiful! And thrifty! I'm totally in that same place. I want to organize everything, finally finish all these projects I started, and actually make some of the things I've pinned.

    Love the voice of your jewelry organizer. I hear him around my house too.

  4. I want to come an live there. I love the colors and the happy feelings. Who doesn't need those things? Oh, and if you don't want to put those amazing green flower pot thingys in the basement, all down in the dark and scary palce, I can send you my address and they can live on the top of my dresser or studio table! Just sayin'.

  5. I love this idea and it looks awesome! I have all my necklaces on a piece of jute I hung on my wall near my computer. LOL so this is very fancy and I love it. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.

  6. "Hey Girl, I like your pretty colors."
    I organized my necklaces with silver Command hooks..and found I have a LOT of necklaces.

  7. I love it when you find something in the "quirky junk" that justifies keeping said junk. ;) And I love pinterest. I will keep it, too.

  8. I need to do something like this because the truth is--- looking at my jewelry makes me happier than wearing it.
    I know.

  9. I'm in love with your necklace collection. Counting the days (years?) until I can wear them without being grabbiness and pulled by baby hands (thank you, 7 month old for seriously cramping my style).

    1. Hmm...grabbed. Thank you, phone.

    2. THE DAY we picked up Calvin from the airport, within the first 5 minutes of knowing me, he grabbed my necklace...and I've never seen it again. :)

  10. I love your bottom line! I totally agree - if your looking at Pinterest to get all bummed out, just don't look. It is great for ideas and recipes. I have followed your blog for a long time and rarely comment but this time you are right on sister. Blessings on your weekend. xo

  11. I'm not usually a "commenter"...but I must tell you that this is AWESOME!! Wish I had a piece of junk like that hanging out in my junk pile! Your family is beautiful!

  12. I would keep looking at it too!! Its so dang cute and colorful and so perfectly you!!

  13. Super Swoony, Farmgirl! I'm in that same January "change my house, change my life" mode and everytime I'm stumped on the decor front I find myself thinking, "What Would Flower Patch Farmgirl Do?"
    I need your collaging skills in my life, stat.
    p.s. I feel like I overdid the quotation marks in this comment.
    p.p.s. I think I'll make a bracelet out of the second quote. WWFPFGD.
    p.p.p.s. I know Farmgirl is one word, but I think WWFPFGD is way chatchier than WWFPFD.
    What do you think?
    Please advise.

  14. You nailed it!

    Except I'm getting antsy looking at that blue metal thingy. Is it going to fall?? I looks like it going to fall. Please don't fall.

    Ryan totally voices my jewelry organization, too. Only it sounds like "Hey girl, don't feel bad that your necklaces are all tangled up into a ball next to receipts and gum wrappers on top of your dresser. You were busy today reading 27 posts from Shannan's blog."

    Also, talk to me about the big brush thing. I'm totally digging it.

    1. It's NOT going to fall. Trust me on this.
      It doesn't bug me in real life, but IS CRAZY-MAKING in these pics!

      And you dig the brush b/c it's from Korea. :)

    2. I KNEW there was something special about it!! Now I love it more.

    3. I was curious about the brush too...what is the brush for?
      Love found art, looks beautiful.

  15. Lovely! Have you heard of The Root Collective? They are a great business with jewelry, bags, and shoes. My husband has been to the slum of La Limonada in Guatemala and has met the shoe maker. I've met the creator of the company, and she is gold. I just wanted to pass along the name of another great company that is newer.

  16. I want pics of the basement! Someone should start a "I've got cool junk in my basement and maybe we can swap?" site.
    No money except postage and junk loving karma.

  17. Love it (and totally agree about Pinterest)!

  18. hey, I want your wicker basket compartment thingie for my bathroom soaps..that is AWESOME :)

  19. dude. that is art and function getting on swimmingly.

    pinterest must stay forever. it's where i get all my recipes, because we all know the only way to make a wise recipe decision is by scanning pictures and settling on the dreamiest one where i also have some of the ingredients in house. (and then the power skips out and then there is no internet and my family eats egg sandwiches for dinner again. but every system has its flaws.)

  20. You're so good with color...

  21. This is beautiful. And love all the bright colored jewelry.


  22. oh my gosh.
    you sorta lost me at Pinterest because I can't do that sorta crazy,
    but then you said Sammy Kershaw and I swear, you reeled me in.
    for a minute, i lost myself in my 1964 VW bug and my cassette single of She Don't Know She's Beautiful. it was a glorious minute.
    (how old is that poor man, anyway?)

  23. It's perfect and lovely. I love that feeling of coming up with a use for something I love but don't use and yet couldn't bear to part with it. You scored!

  24. So cool! You should also be able to hang earrings through the grate slits/holes?!? That'd be cool too :)

    1. This is how weird I am: I NEVER considered hanging earrings from it. WHY?
      You are rad. Thank you!

    2. Of course! I'm all for a good repurposed piece, and getting the most out of it!!


  25. It's beautiful, it really is not the same woman dressed now out of work, and I intend to buy Swarovski Jewellery Sets to dress themselves, enhance their charm.