Friday, January 17, 2014

Pinterest Hack - My $0 Jewelry Organizer

This isn't so much a DIY post as it is a Life is Grand and the World is Full of Inspiration So Go Grab it By the Ears and Do Something Just Because It Makes You Smile From the Inside Out. Preferably For Free.

You know how as soon as Christmas is over we all start wigging out and changing our hair and angsting about our shirts? We buy the grainy bread and do squats while the shower heats up? We decide, once and for all, that we probably don't need all those expired coupons in the junk drawer?

We become rabid self-improvement weirdos.
Our fix is a good project.

We need order in the court and the house.

(This photo is circa 2009, but sadly, things only deteriorated from here...)

December 26th came and, without warning, I suddenly knew the top of my dresser was a soulful, poetic, picture of my entire life.

The poem wasn't exactly pretty, either.

It was a little bit ee cummings, a little bit Sammy Kershaw.
Disorganized. Scattered. A howl-at-the-moon lamentation with bloodshot eyes.

I'm just saying, it was a mess. It stressed me out.

I needed a system.
I figured Cory could rig something up with a rake or knobs or you know.

So, I took to Pinterest searching "Jewelry Organizer".

Somewhere about 3 rows down, I saw something that sparked something and the rest is history.

I remembered this thing, which used to be some sort of memo board, back in 2009. (Clearly a good year for junk!)

It's one of those thing I've moved with me from house to house. I couldn't bear to part with it, yet I also couldn't find a home for it.

It's been living in the basement, with so much other stuff. (You can't even imagine the trouble I have letting go of quirky junk.)

I hauled it upstairs, and 10 minutes later, I had this.

It's my new favorite thing in the history of forever, or at least in the history of jewelry organization and thriftery and resourcefulness.

It's imperfect and there's not enough room on my dresser-top for all my stuff, but life isn't about everything lining up cleanly at the edges.

I keep staring at it.

It speaks to me.

It says, "Hey Girl, you've got a lot of necklaces."
(I don't think I have to tell you who voices my jewelry organizer.)

See this fancy business?
Push pins, circa back when I had a job and office supplies.

The Universe smiled on me in the form of rotting wood, all thanks to years spent alone in the basement, and the pins were like buttah.

So, voila.

People get all wacky about Pinterest and blogs and every dang thing. They say it makes us ungrateful and unsatisfied. It lowers our self-esteem.

I say it does the complete opposite.

This is my proof, and I'm sticking to it.

Some of my favorite jewelry sources ::
Noonday Collection
31 Bits
Lisa Leonard Designs
Garage sales/thrift stores

(LLD link is an affiliate link)